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Last Updated: Saturday December 13 2008 09:49 GMT

I won a photography competition

Molly Winning her prize

Press Packer Molly, 11, entered the RSPCA Young Photographer of the Year competition and she won!

She tells us why she loves photography, and how surprised she was to win.

Here's her report.

"I've been taking photographs for about five years. I got into it because all my family love photography so I started to take photos as well and found I really enjoyed it.

Taking photos

Ever since then I've been taking loads of photographs of anything from people to the countryside, and I really love taking photographs of the sunset as it's really beautiful.

Lat year in my photography magazine I saw the winners of the RSPCA competition and I thought their photos were brilliant. It never occurred to me that any of my photos would be good enough to ever enter.

Earlier this year I was looking through my photography magazine again and I saw the entry form for this year's competition. I wouldn't have entered but I had just taken a photo I was really proud of so I thought why not?!

Great photo

Long Tailed Tit
The photo was of a long tailed tit I had seen on my window ledge at home. It was looking at its reflection and kept tapping on the window. I thought it would make a great photo so I grabbed my camera and took the photo.

I found out I had been shortlisted a couple of months later by letter. Then the lady from the RSPCA called me to confirm it all. I couldn't believe it - I was so happy and proud of myself. I also found out I was going to come to London for the awards which was really exciting.

Awards day

Friday was the day of the awards and I can't believe I actually won. My age category was announced last so by the time they got to me I was really nervous. When they said my name my mum started to cry and hug me and my dad was really proud. I had to go up on stage to collect the award and it was brilliant.

When I'm older I'd really like to be a photographer, but as we don't study it at school I have to do it as a hobby. Maybe one day I'll get to do it as a profession."

Molly 11, Suffolk.

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