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Last Updated: Friday December 12 2008 07:53 GMT

Hotel for dogs gets ready to open

Dogs at a dog hotel in Germany

If you're going away over Christmas and hate leaving your pet dog in kennels how would you like to check it into a special hotel instead?

Well owners in Germany will be able to do just that, as a new luxury hotel just for dogs is opening there soon.

It will be the first ever five-star hotel for dogs, and has been built in the city of Munich.

And if the dogs are struggling to get used to their temporary home, there are 20 trained 'dog sitters' to help them.

They'll be available 24-hours a day to cater to every need of the pampered pooches.

Dogs at a dog hotel in Germany
The manager of the resort, Sabine Gerteis, said: "The dogs can decide for themselves if they want to lie down inside or be outside. They can relax.

"If they want to be patted then the dog sitter is there. We also have a large area for them to run around in."

Only 40 dogs can stay at one time and it's not cheap. A day and night at the hotel will cost about 70.

The owners are planning to build more worldwide. So, if your dog fancies a pampering, a five-star hotel could be coming to near you in the future.