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Last Updated: Thursday December 11 2008 16:17 GMT

Crowds pack Woolies last sale

Shoppers wait to go into Woolworths as the sale begins

Bargain hunters are flocking to Woolworths as big closing down sales take place at all of its 815 stores across the country.

Last month, business experts called administrators were put in charge of the famous chainstore after it admitted it had money trouble.

Some of the stores could close for good by Christmas.

It's good news if you're after a bargain - but 30,000 people could lose their jobs because of it.

Shoppers in Woolworths
Bargain hunters are expected to make the most of the closing down sales
Some big supermarkets might end up buying some of the bigger Woolworth stores, but no-one's sure exactly what lays ahead for Woolies.

And Woolworths also owns a business that supplies CDs and DVDs to other shops like Zavvi.

And that's led to worries that they could end up with empty shelves as well.

Shopping cutbacks

Christmas is usually the busiest time of year.

Poster for Woolworths sale
Poster for Woolworths sale
But people have been staying away from the shops this year as they haven't got as much money because of the credit crunch.

Some shops have been handing out discount vouchers and lots have had special sales to encourage people to spend their money.