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Last Updated: Wednesday December 10 2008 17:51 GMT

England cricketers' high security

England cricketers' security

England cricketers are preparing for their first Test match in India on Thursday morning amid high security.

There was doubt over whether the team would return to India after recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai that killed 181 people.

But they decided to carry on with the series, and have been training for the first game surrounded by armed guards.

The cricketers say they've got used to the extra security measures, and are concentrating on playing cricket.

Spinner Graeme Swann, who will be playing his first Test for England, said: "It's surprising, now we're here it's (the security) very little distraction.

"Since getting here it's amazing how easily it sort of all blends into each other," he added.

Kevin Pietersen (Photo by Anthony Devlin/PA Wire)
Kevin Pietersen said the team was concentrating on the game
Almost 200 people were killed in India after gunmen attacked seven places in the city of Mumbai in November.

There will be even more security in place for the actual match - both inside and outside the stadium.

Armed undercover officers will sit amongst the people watching the game and nets will be hung down from the roof to protect the players.


England captain Kevin Pietersen said: "It's now time for us to solely concentrate on our cricket.

"Since we got a full team to board the plane, the lads now just want to play cricket".