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Last Updated: Thursday December 11 2008 08:23 GMT

Cat's crimes get owner in a flap

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Frankie goes on the prowl

It's great being given new toys all the time, but not when they're covered in cat drool and not when you know they've been pinched from someone else's pet!

That's why Frankie the cat's owner, Julie Bishop, is in a flap - Frankie's brought about 35 stuffed toys home in the past year but none of them are his.

She thinks the two-year-old moggy is swiping them from other homes in Swindon, but doesn't know how or why.

Now she's desperately trying to trace the toys' owners to give them back.

One of the toys Frankie's taken
Frankie's stolen about 15 toy leopards like this one
Julie says Frankie is always coming back to the house with 'presents' for them, including mice, but the number of soft toys has rocketed over the past few months.

"He's very pleased with himself," she said. "He gives us a big miaow to let us know when he's brought them in.

"At first it was quite funny, but now it's obvious somebody's bought all these toys for their pet and now they don't have any - they're all here!"