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Last Updated: Wednesday December 10 2008 06:25 GMT

Teachers' worst Christmas gifts

Worst presents graphic

Usually teachers love getting pressies from their pupils at Christmas, but sometimes the things they get are a bit weird.

A golden horse statue, a glass fish and a raw chicken are just some of the stranger gifts pupils have given them.

But if you're planning on buying a present for your teacher, you're probably wondering what you should buy.

So Newsround spoke to 100 teachers to find out what are the worst things you can give them at Christmas.

The third worst thing teachers said pupils can give them was perfume that smells really bad.

At number two was chocolate, especially if it is out-of-date, or half-eaten!

Children speak out about teachers' pressies

The worst thing pupils can possibly give their teachers for Christmas are really tacky ornaments.

But don't worry if you're not planning on giving your teacher a pressie, or you can't afford to buy much.

Personal shopper Anthea Ledwidge said you don't need to spend loads, but try to make your gift as unusual and personal as possible.

And according to the government, teachers aren't allowed to give kids higher marks just because they've given them nice presents!