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Last Updated: Monday December 08 2008 14:26 GMT

Irish pork taken off shop shelves

Pork products from Ireland

Sausages and bacon made from pigs from farms in the Republic of Ireland have been removed from supermarket shelves across the UK after health worries.

Pork products from Northern Ireland have been included too. Experts think the meat may have to be taken out of shops in 25 different countries now.

It's thought some pigs ate feed containing dangerous things called dioxins which affected the meat.

Experts say the health risk to people is low but they are being careful.

Should you be worried?
Food expert Nicole Berberian
They are telling people not to worry and say that if you've eaten a few infected sausages or bits of bacon, it will not damage your health.

It's only if a lot of infected meat is eaten over a long period of time that there is a risk.

Ireland sends pork to lots of different countries including Germany, France, Russia and the Netherlands. In fact, nearly 130,000 tonnes of Irish pork was exported across the world in 2007.

The meat will probably be taken off the shelves in all of the countries that it gets sold to.


Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen said his government was doing all they could to sort out the problem.

He said officials were now investigating the place where they think the infected feed came from - a factory in the Republic of Ireland which makes pig feed for lots of farmers.