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Last Updated: Monday December 08 2008 06:58 GMT

Gavin meets Christmas No 1 hopefuls

Gavin looks into the Christmas number one

"The number one song at Christmas was always a really big deal for me - I used to love tuning in to watch the BBC show Top of the Pops for the countdown.

But I guess you could presume that nowadays, bagging the number one single at Christmas isn't really that big a deal - after all, a number one is a number one.... whether you top the charts on the 25 June or the 25 December.

Maddy chats to music expert Pete Waterman

But according to everyone I heard from, that's nonsense.

If you've got a single out at this time of year - it means everything because you'll be remembered for it and it's a nice, nostalgic thing to be able to say 'I've had a Christmas number one'!

It was really interesting meeting up with some of the artists who are releasing singles in the run-up to this year's rundown. Plus, I got to meet one of my heroes - Sir Terry Wogan.


He's a really good TV and radio presenter. My crew and I went behind the scenes of the song he's putting out with Welsh singer Aled Jones for the BBC fundraiser Children In Need.

Aled and Sir Terry seemed excited about potentially claiming that top spot.

Gavin finds out about another contender

And the guys from the TV programme The One Show would love to top the charts too. Presenters Christine Bleakley, who was on Strictly Come Dancing recently, and Adrian Chiles told me all about how they came up with their effort.

Lots of research went into what people would like to hear from a Christmas number one - and so with the help of some experts, they've designed a song to try and reflect that. We'll have to wait and see how well it does.

Victoria Harte talks about her Christmas single

Another contender, Victoria Harte, paid Newsround a visit too - she's got a pretty remarkable story to tell. Vicky was spotted when she was performing as a singing waitress in her job.

She's since been asked to sing for loads of famous actors, and is releasing the tune Santa Baby with the Household Guards Big Band. They're part of the troops who protect the Queen.

X Factor

So the gloves are off in this year's battle to be crowned Christmas number one. The favourite is whoever wins the X Factor. The TV talent show's winner has taken the number one slot in the form of Leon Jackson last year, and Leona Lewis the year before.

I personally think 2008 is too close to call - so I'm sitting on the fence for this prediction. Your guess is as good as mine!"