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Last Updated: Saturday December 06 2008 17:36 GMT

In pictures: NR presenters photo shoot

Newsround's Sonali, Maddy, Ore and Adam

It's a Saturday afternoon and Newsround's presenters have decided to hang out together. Maddy's grabbing a quick snack, and Sonali is hiding behind the door. What's going on?

Newsround's Maddy

That's a lot of make-up just for one person. Let's hope Maddy is prepared to let everyone use some too.

Newsround's Ore

Ahhh. It's a photo shoot. That umbrella is to reflect light into all the right places. Keep smiling Ore!

Newsround's Sonali

Something seems to have amused Sonali though. Perhaps Ore's been telling some of his best jokes?

Newsround's Sonali

That's more like it. Sonali poses for the camera.

Newsround's Sonali

Hopefully the picture has come out okay. Chris the photographer shows the shot to Sonali and Newsround's editor Sinead.

Newsround's Maddy and Ricky

All the presenters are getting official pictures taken. You'll probably see a few of them soon on this website. Is that hairspray for Ricky?

Newsround's Ricky

And make-up too! Everyone has to look just right for the photographer.

Newsround's Ricky

And once the hair is done, and the make-up is finished too, it's time for Ricky to show off his best pose.

Newsround's Ricky, Ore, Sonali, Adam and Gavin

And finally here's Sonali with the Newsround boys. Dare we say a rose among thorns?...