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Last Updated: Saturday December 06 2008 12:40 GMT

Christmas park closed in Midlands

The site of Laplands West Midlands

A Lapland theme park in the Midlands has closed down before it even opened to visitors, days after big problems with a similar show in south England.

Lapland West Midlands was supposed to open on Saturday, but organisers have decided to close it down.

It's the second Christmas park to close in few days, after Lapland New Forest shut down on Thursday.

Now people who had planned to go to both parks are trying to get their money back from the organisers.

Even though the park at Essington in the Midlands didn't actually open, officials were worried that it wouldn't be as impressive or Christmassy as people had hoped.

The local council had advised people to think very carefully before booking tickets, and photos of the park appeared to show several tents in a muddy field with no attractions.

Organisers said bad publicity and poor ticket sales were the reason for closing park. They have said all people who bought tickets will get their money back.

The closure comes days after Lapland New Forest shut down too, following more than 2,000 complaints that people didn't get what they'd paid for.