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Last Updated: Sunday December 07 2008 13:22 GMT

How has the weather affected you?

A bike in the snow in Harrogate in Yorkshire

More than 400 schools have been closed across England and Scotland because of snowy weather.

Have YOU got the day off school? What's it like?

Are you stuck indoors because it's too slippery and cold out. Or have you been making the most of the cold by having snowball fights and sledging?

Or if it's not snowing where you live, what about the cold? Are you having to wrap up really warm and has it stopped you doing anything?

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Your comments

"Well I've just got back from my holiday in Egypt and I think that the weather here is freezing But it has not been snowing(sad face). I really want it to snow but I tell you it could snow soon. But at the moment it is sunny and REALLY REALLY COLD!!!!!!!."

Daniella, 10, Bristol, England

"It snowed a little on Tuesday but the news said we'd get eight inches of snow, so the schools would be closed. But it didn't snow at all, we had to go to school while the rest of the country was off!"

Emily, 12, Dundee, Scotland

"The snow was supposed to be eight inches deep but it wasn't. It was only slush. Pretty annoying as I was looking forward to building snowmen."

Katie, 9, Scotland

"The weather was really bad in Scotland. We got stuck in the car going up a hill and my dad managed to shift it. Phew! We haven't been allowed to go outside at our school for the past two days. On Monday I made a huge snowball and all the boys were saying, 'can I throw it at so and so?" It was sooooooo funny."

Anisah, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"You lot are so lucky! It was meant to snow up here but it didn't :( I'm really upset. Hope it snows for Christmas!"

Louise, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"Unluckily we have not got the lovely white stuff here. I wished we had a day off school today. I have not seen the white stuff for ages. Please, please, please come here."

Gemma, 10, Cambridge, England

"In Tenerife nearly all the time it is warm but lately it has been really cold, but then everybody in England will think it is beach weather."

Jasmine, 11, Tenerife

"There's no snow here, just rain and I have to walk to school. It's very, very cold and wet. Well, I suppose I would not want it to snow because we have a production on!"

Alexa, 10, Herefordshire, England

"My school was closed on Tuesday but the teachers had a snowball fight! And when we came to school on Wednesday there was still snow but throwing snowballs suddenly became against the school rules... Oh, well, life's unfair; got to deal with it..."

Fazzer, 13, Manchester, England

"The snow was everywhere this morning. The traffic was terrible so we had to walk to school in the snow. We live miles away from school, although it was quite fun, because I was constantly throwing snowballs. But it's not something I would love to do again!"

Luke, 10, Durham, England

"It hasn't been snowing here, but it's so cold! I've had to wrap up so warmly and I've caught such a bad cold! I just want it to snow deeply so the teachers can't get to school, so that will mean non-stop snowball fight lessons instead of maths!"

Eden, 11, Kent, England

"The weather has really affected me. I get really, really cold when I walk to the bus stop every morning. I didn't think the weather was going to be this bad!!"

Ashley, 14, Manchester, England

"Our school didn't close, but it was snowing heavily from 8 in the morning until 12ish. All the other schools in our town closed, it was just us, mega unfair!"

Beth, 13, Northumberland, England

"Here it was so fun. All of our city was covered in snow and we got the day off our school."

Asad, 13, Bradford, England

"Today, our school was closed. I was happy about this! But really, in my mind, there was only about an inch of snow on the ground, and school shouldn't be closed. Although I'd rather school was closed every day!"

Martha, 9, West Yorkshire, England

"Here we had a fairly heavy fall of snow and it was an inch deep. Yesterday, we had lots of slippy ice. Up near Northumbria there were 100 schools closed, in Lancaster 20 and here 12, which is very annoying as most people thought they were going to get out of school."

Catherine, 10, Holme, England

"I am on vacation in London from Israel, so the weather is very bad!"

Yehuda, 10, Jerusalem, Israel

"I haven't been affected by the bad weather yet, even though it was supposed to snow 20cm (close to 2 inches). I was looking forward to a day off, but it never happened."

Dylan, 14, Glasgow, Scotland

"We were meant to be going on a school trip to Edinburgh. Sadly the weather was so bad the trip was cancelled. Everyone was really upset."

Alistair, 11, Aberdeen, Scotland

"My school was closed today and I made a snowman with my dad and mum. We also had a snowball fight."

Rachel, 8, Leeds, England

"We were supposed to have snow 8cm thick!! All we had was very slippy slush!! Lots of schools shut - about 60!!"

Emily, 11, Lancashire, England

"ARGHH! I used to love snow, but now I have to freeze during my everlasting journey to school, as well as slip and fall every two seconds!"

Amira, 13, Bradford, England

"I arrived at school this morning, there were lots of people there so I expected it to be open. Then someone came into the playground and said, 'Go home if you have available care, if not, stay'. So I went home and then went sledging!"

Annabel, 10, West Yorkshire, England

"It never stopped snowing, and it was about an inch thick on everything!"

Amy, 9, Northumberland, England

"Our school was closed today. We've had some snow but I think it's mostly because you have to use tiny country roads to get there, which is hard most of the time anyway."

Megan, 14, Lancashire, England

"In the morning me and my friend went to the bus stop. On the way we had a snowball fight. It was fun, but then we realised that the bus hadn't come yet so we went home and then it started to snow really badly and we couldn't go out again till after lunch."

Abida, 12, Bradford, England

"Unfortunately, we haven't got the white stuff here in London, and we still have to go to school even though it's freezing. I've caught the flu and have to go school next week. Maybe if it snows we won't have to go! :)"

Loukia, 11, London, England

"Nearly all the schools in our area are closed. I think the headmaster chose to open the school today as a display of strength against the odds, but I had to walk to and around school this morning in cold, slippery and sludgy conditions. My feet are cold and soggy. What's worse (or better, depending on how you look at it) is that most of the students haven't even bothered to turn up today. Some teachers have even just left and gone home! We did get to watch a film in two lessons, though ;-) "

Alice, 14, Manchester, England

"My school is closed today as the teachers could not get to school."

Maisie, 10, UK

"It is horrible. All of my clothes are all wet. I hate the snow now."

Lauren, 11, Durham, England

"The snow and the ice has really affected me because I am not allowed out of the house and go out with my friends because it is way too dangerous but guess what? I still have to go school!!! And I have to walk there. Schools should be shut for a few days!"

Sanaa, 13, London, England

"I just plain old hate being cold. Summer is definitely my season!"

Julian, 13, Massachusetts, USA

"Weather is a natural part of our lives and we just have to deal with it! Snowstorms can be terrible but they also give us hours of entertainment. Rain is helpful but when you get a hurricane like Katrina it affects everyone in the whole world in a negative way!"

Kelly, 13, Maryland, England

"The snow has made us stay at home and also our car has broken down twice now!"

Sabeen, 13, Bolton, England

"I am quite unhappy. My school has closed because of the snow and I was supposed to be getting an award, I was looking really forward to it but I'm disappointed now!"

Evie, 12, Leeds, England

"My school is still open and we are still made to stay outside in the cold and wet weather until it's time for us to go in. Everyone is complaining about the heating because in our classrooms it's still really cold and no one can keep warm."

Courtney, 14, Lincolnshire, England

"My school's still open and it's completely freezing but it's not snowing, just raining a lot and very windy."

Megan, 13, Lincolnshire, England

"It was cool - literally! I played in the snow all day."

Evie, 12, Leeds, England

"It's Thursday and I'm off school! Yay! There is loads of snow - everything is covered in it. But yesterday it was really icy on our road, and some kids started throwing water on to make it more slippery. Then an old lady slipped down - it was awful. I ran to help her up. She could've broken her hip, and she was about 70! I think those kids should be ashamed."

Sarah, 11, Yorkshire, England