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Last Updated: Thursday December 04 2008 13:32 GMT

I'm a young interpreter


Press Packer Angela was recently trained to understand different languages so she could help make it easier for her foreign school friends to get on in lessons.

Here's her story.

"At my school I am a young interpreter. It is my job to help children who come to our school, from a different country, to learn to speak English.

I'm not the only young interpreter. There are five other pupils beside me.


I came from the Philippines and others came from Poland and Lithuania.

We were trained by our teacher and we really enjoyed it. We had to learn how to communicate through facial expressions and by using signs.

The signs have pictures of people looking happy that we can point to if the other child doesn't understand.

We also have sheets that help us understand Spanish, French, Gaelic, Lithuanian and Polish.

What is even better, is that we have found out that we are the first young interpreters in the whole of Devon!

Four years ago

Angela and other young interpreters
Angela with other young interpreters
I think that being a young interpreter is important. It helps children from different countries to feel more welcome in their new school and community.

I know this from personal experience, as I came to England from the Philippines four years ago.

I only understood a little bit of English and felt shy at a new school. Then I got to know the children there and made friends.

Being a young interpreter means children from other countries may feel less shy.

Young interpreter's test

Recently we were tested on our ability to help people who don't speak English.

Our teacher pretended to be French and we took her round school. We had to use our new skills, signs and positive expressions to communicate with her.

We passed our young interpreter's test with flying colours and were awarded a certificate.

We are looking forward to using our new skills to help more new children who may join our school in the future."

Angela, 10, Devon

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