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Last Updated: Wednesday December 03 2008 19:39 GMT

Scotland shivers as snow strikes

Snow on a golf course in Scotland

Thousands of families in Scotland are shivering at the moment, after cold weather and big problems with gas supplies left their homes extra cold.

In some parts of Scotland it got down to -11 degrees, and even more chilly weather is expected on Thursday.

Kelso in Scotland was really badly affected, with around 3,000 homes having to cope without gas supplies.

Schools in the area are closed, and slippery roads, blizzards and freezing fog patches have all caused problems.

Children go sledging in Ramsbottom
The bad weather's also affected parts of northern England and the Midlands too.

More than 250 schools were shut yesterday in Lancashire - meaning loads of kids got the day off.

And the forecast for Thursday, across the UK, suggests everyone should wrap up extra warm.

Snow is expected to fall in Northern England, central Scotland and parts of the Midlands.

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Weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker talks to Newsround's Gavin

People are being told to wrap up warm, and be careful not to slip over because there could be a lot of ice around.

What's the weather like where you live?

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