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Last Updated: Wednesday December 03 2008 08:39 GMT

Wait for cricket tour decision

England captain Kevin Pietersen in India

A decision on whether England's Test series in India will go ahead may now not be made until next week.

The team is supposed to be in India at the moment preparing for a two-Test series, but they decided to come back to the UK after recent violence there.

Almost 200 people were killed in India after gunmen attacked seven places in the city of Mumbai.

Now cricket bosses are trying to decide if the series - which starts on 11 December - will still take place.

The head of the players' union - an organisation that looks after player's interests - says he doesn't expect a decision to be made for five days.

England cricket bosses have sent a security expert to India to help them decide if it is safe for the matches to take place.

If it is decided that it is safe then players will have to choose themselves if they want to play. But according to reports it could be an unusual looking team that takes to the field.

A former England player, Dominic Cork, says he has spoken to some of England's Test team and reckons at least five or six of them don't want to go back to India.