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Last Updated: Thursday December 04 2008 16:56 GMT

In pics: YOUR December snow pics

Kids playing in the snow (Photo by: Dave Thompson/PA Wire)

While most pupils across Britain have been slaving away at their lessons, some kids in the north of England and Scotland got to enjoy the snow after 400 schools were closed!

Aaminah's photo

Aaminah was one of the lucky ones who got an extra day off school, and went out to snap these footsteps in the snow instead.

Harvey's photo

And this was the scene seven-year-old Harvey woke up to in his village near Ilkley in West Yorkshire.

Liberty's snowman

This fantastic snowman was caught on film by 12-year-old Liberty in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Wanda's snowman in Leeds

And check out this fluffy snowman made by Wanda in Leeds.

Beth's photo of a street in Shipley, Bradford

There's been loads of snow in Yorkshire. Beth took this photo of her street in Shipley, Bradford.

Morgan sledging in Sheffield

And Morgan went sledging with her nannan in Sheffield - looks like fun!

Laura's snowman picture

Further north, Laura sent us this photo of a snowman in Darlington, where she said it's been snowing for ages!

Emily's horse Domino in a snowy field

In the south, Emily's horse Domino looks determined to nibble through the snow in Kent so he can still tuck into the grass.

Gabriel's photo of her bird table

Back in Ribston, North Yorkshire, this colourful bird was caught tucking into some nuts on nine-year-old Gabriel's bird table.

Snow in Stoke

The snow's been sweeping across the UK over the past few days. Earlier in the week, 12-year-old Abbie sent us this wintry snapshot from Stoke.

Meg's photo of the snow in Bolton

Meg braved the wind and snow to take this amazing picture of the snow in Bolton...

Meg's photo of the snow in Bolton

Check out the size of the snowflakes!

Marjina's snowy snapshot

And this is the view from Marjina's house in Oldham.