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Last Updated: Tuesday December 02 2008 15:40 GMT

Row over syringe-shaped pens

Adam holding the syringe pens

A row's broken out in the north-west of England over pens which look like syringes.

Some shoppers in Stockport were shocked to see the pens, which are made to look like the real thing with fake blood in them, on sale.

And the local MP, Ann Coffey, warned the pens might make kids think that real syringes were safe, when they can be very dangerous.

One chain of shops, GimmeGizmo says it's taking them off its shelves.

Real syringes are safe when they're used properly by doctors and nurses to give patients injections.

But they're sometimes used by other people to inject illegal drugs, so you should never touch them because they can make you very ill.

Not toys

Ms Coffey has called for shops to stop selling the syringe-shaped pens.

She said: "When a toy shop makes a toy that looks like a hypodermic needle, it encourages children to think they're toys, and that they're quite safe."


The people who run GimmeGizmo said they were taking the pens off shelves because of customers' concerns.

They said they didn't want any of their products to be associated with things like drugs.

But the pens are still for sale on some websites, and it's not against the law to sell them.