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Last Updated: Tuesday December 02 2008 12:42 GMT

Christmas park angers visitors

The nativity scene at Lapland New Forest

Families have been left cold by a Christmas theme park in south England, that has been described as a "joke".

The park, called Lapland New Forest, charges visitors 25 each to go in, and lots of them have said it isn't worth the money after visiting it.

They say it doesn't look like pictures on the park's website, and that the animals didn't look very happy.

The organiser of the attraction near Southampton, Henry Mears, said: " We don't believe we ripped anyone off".

He added that he thought just a few people had been saying bad things about the park since it opened on Friday.

Husky dogs at the Lapland New Forest
Since the complaints started mounting up, the website for Lapland New Forest has been taken down from the internet, but before that it had shown what visitors could have expected.

It had pictures of snow, log cabins, a Christmas market and reindeer and husky dogs.

Those animals were at the park, but some people felt they weren't being very well treated, and have contacted the RSPCA about them.