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Last Updated: Monday December 01 2008 18:49 GMT

Row over trend for deluxe albums

Maddy in a record shop

There's a huge battle raging in the charts, with Take That and Britney both releasing albums called Circus.

And if that wasn't confusing enough, they've both released two versions - one 'normal' album and one 'deluxe'.

Deluxe albums are basically the same as the standard ones, but with added extras, like more tracks or a DVD.

Record companies say they're giving music fans more choice, but other people say they're not being fair on the fans, or other artists.

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What are deluxe albums?

Some deluxe albums are released months after the original version, with a few brand new songs on them.

Others, like Take That and Britney's deluxe versions, come with things like DVD footage, and even books about the bands.


But they can cost a few pounds more, and if you're a huge fan, you could end up buying two versions of the same album.

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Kids' views on deluxe albums

Some people say singers who've got both kinds have a better chance of getting to the top spot in the album charts, than those who just have one normal album, like Same Difference.

Newsround chatted to the pop duo who said they think deluxe versions are great to give fans more choice, but that they should be counted in a different chart.

But famous music producer Pete Waterman said he thought deluxe versions were a con.

He said the special versions are just gimmicks to get music fans to spend more money.


But Brian Rose from record company Universal said deluxe versions are all about giving fans what they want.

He said: "Everything that we're aiming to do with these music versions is to give fans even more choice."