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Last Updated: Monday December 01 2008 16:53 GMT

Shuttle lands safely in America

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Space Shuttle Endeavour has landed safely after a mission to repair parts of the International Space Station.

The shuttle had to land in a different place to the one planned for it because of bad weather above Florida.

Instead the shuttle had to land in California, on the other side of the country, which makes it difficult to get it back to Nasa in Florida.

The shuttle cannot fly on its own, so will have to be given a piggyback ride home on top of a plane.

It was an interesting mission for the crew, who had to make some vital repairs to make sure the space station's toilet was working properly.

The space shuttle photographed from the ISS
It needs to be able to turn all the waste water - including wee - on the ISS into fresh water that the astronauts can drink.

They did manage to complete the repairs, and after delivering a new living area and toilet as another part of the mission, the crew on board the ISS will be able to double from three to six.

Shuttle Discovery is the next mission to the space station, and will blast off in February 2009.