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Last Updated: Monday December 01 2008 07:43 GMT

CBBC wins top children's award

Rachel Stevens

The CBBC channel has scooped the top prize at the Children's Bafta awards, after it was named channel of the year.

CBBC beat Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr and Cbeebies to win the award, one of 13 won by Children's BBC.

Pixar animated movie Wall-E won the best film award, while Lego Batman took home the prize for best video game.

Lots of celebs were at the awards, including George Sampson, Strictly Come Dancing star Rachel Stevens and X Factor judge Danni Minogue.

And George took the opportunity to have his say on Britney Spear's appearance on the X Factor, and he wasn't impressed!

Stars at the Awards
George Sampson
"It was a bit disappointing, there's the whole debate about her miming and stuff," he said.

"Her dancing, what was going on? I think she is not the dancer she used to be. She had a few moves but I think she's losing it."

Still Chuckling

Nearly 200,000 children voted in the Kids' vote, and picked Hannah Montana for the award.

There was also a special award for the Chuckle Brothers, who have been appearing on TV since 1974. Their show Chucklevision has been running for a whopping 21 years! They were presented with their prize by Doctor Who creator Russell T Davies.

The Chuckle Brothers said they had a "really nice, warm feeling" after getting the award.