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Last Updated: Saturday November 29 2008 16:10 GMT

Shops get emergency CD supplies

Britney Spears and Take That

The race is on to get Britney Spears and Take That's new CDs into the shops after one of the companies that normally delivers them went bust.

Britney and the boys are both releasing albums on Monday in one of the most anticipated chart battles of the year.

But when high street store Woolworths announced it was having money troubles, part of the company that used to distribute CDs stopped its deliveries.

Entertainment UK used to deliver up to one in three CDs to British shops.

Its customers included some of the big record stores and supermarkets as well as Woolworths.

But if you're a Take That or Britney fan, don't worry.

Record companies are finding other ways to get the CDs onto shop shelves and the stores say they've organised alternative deliveries.