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Last Updated: Wednesday December 10 2008 10:32 GMT

We want parents to drive safely

Megan and her friends

Press Packer Megan and her friends have been handing out leaflets to parents outside their school to try and get them to drive safely.

Here's their story.

"A couple of weeks ago at my primary school, our school council and our junior road safety officers (JRSO) all met with Helen - a community officer and a student council from a nearby school.

We got together because we didn't want people outside of the school to be injured by anyone driving or parking unsafely. So we came up with some campaign ideas.

Bad parking

The ideas included writing to the council, making leaflets and taking photos of bad parking. Each school was assigned different jobs, ours was to take the photos.

Another school made the leaflets and sent them to us. At our school we split into two groups. One was with our headteacher and our head of safety, and the other group with Helen and another teacher.

All the schools involved, on the same day, handed out leaflets to adults and parents near the school- they were all about parking safely and when to answer your phone when you're driving.

Quite surprised

A few days later, people from all schools from around Northampton met and had a meeting. We talked about school car parks and things to do with the roads outside school, including how people park.

Some of the adults read them and others seemed quite surprised. Some asked us why we were handing the leaflets out.

I feel like we've done something to help and we might have stopped people from getting hurt. It's nice to make people feel better about walking outside without being in danger.

Next time you see someone parking badly - tell someone!"

Megan, 10, Northampton

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