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Last Updated: Friday November 28 2008 10:00 GMT

Footballer helps kids learn French

Gavin checks out French lessons with a difference

Making lessons fun is one of the hardest jobs for a teacher, so imagine how cool it is to be taught by one of your favourite footballers.

That's what happened to a lucky class at a school in London, when Arsenal's Bacary Sagna stepped in to help.

Bacary is one of several Arsenal players who speaks French, and he went to a school to help teach the language.

He said: "It's not usual for them to see a football player. I think they were happy - I hope they were happy!"

Gavin finds out what kids think of their special teacher

One pupil certainly agreed. She told Newsround: "When Bacary Sagna came in I felt really good because I thought it was our headmaster coming in to check on us. I got the best seat because he was sat next to me."

It wasn't just French that Bacary helped out with though - he also took the kids outside for some football lessons as well.