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Last Updated: Friday November 28 2008 16:16 GMT

Hostages saved from India hotels

An Indian soldier uses a helicopter to help hostages

Things have been moving really quickly in India, with lots of hostages rescued early on Friday morning.

Indian soldiers forced their way into a Jewish Centre after dropping from helicopters, and a hotel in Mumbai as well, where hostages were being held.

On Thursday armed groups attacked seven places in the city of Mumbai, and held hostages at some of them. One British man was killed in the violence.

At least 130 people were killed and more than 370 injured by the attacks.

The armed men took control of two Mumbai hotels.

The army says it is close to taking control of one of them - the Oberoi Trident hotel - after freeing at least 30 hostages.

Security forces are trying to get control of the other hotel that was attacked - the Taj Mahal - as well.

Ore speaks to kids in Britain about the trouble in Mumbai

Journalists working in India are reporting that they can still hear explosions and guns being fired near the places where hostages are being held.

Now officials in India are trying to work out who is behind the attacks.

The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he thinks the attackers came from outside India, and there are reports of them getting to Mumbai by boat.

England's cricket team, which is in India, has postponed the final two one-day matches against India and is flying back home on Friday.

There is a Foreign Office emergency number if you're worried about friends or relatives. It's 0207 008 00 00

A map of the attacks in Mumbai