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Last Updated: Sunday November 30 2008 11:53 GMT

Have you been affected by the trouble in Mumbai?

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Ore speaks to kids in Britain about the attacks

There is chaos and confusion in Mumbai, after attacks on seven locations in the Indian city on Wednesday.

We'd like to hear from you if you've been affected by the trouble.

Perhaps you live in the city, or have family or friends there and are worried about them?

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Your comments

"We are very worried about the people of Mumbai and hope these men are stopped. I also have family in Mumbai and hope they are safe. We think that the people who are doing this are very mean."

Simran and Tom, age 10/11, London, England

"We are worried that innocent people might get killed. It is very sad that a lot of people are being threatened or killed. It is reassuring that the Indian police have found some of the terrorists. I hope this act of terrorism will be over soon."

Shaan and Naima, age 10/11, London, England

"It is very sad that those people had to die for no good reason. I feel extremely sorry for the hostages and for those who are grieving. We wish it would STOP!!!"

Year six pupil, age 10/11, London, England

"We have relatives in India and we are really worried that this situation has affected them. However, we are glad that some terrorists have been caught. We know that there are still terrorists out there killing innocent people. It really upsets us that these things happen in the world. We will be keeping a close eye on the news to see if the problem is solved."

Eshan and Anika, age 10/11, London, England