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Last Updated: Wednesday November 26 2008 16:59 GMT

Adam checks out new inventions

Adam in a science lab

Lots of people think science is all about lab coats and electrodes, but inventors in Manchester have made cool stuff you'll want to find in your Christmas stocking.

Newsround's Adam went to check out amazing new 3D duvet covers, and even remote-controlled cars you can drive up the wall...

The first invention that I tried out was the world's first ever 3D duvet cover!

Adam checks out 3D duvets

It had a Spiderman pattern and the webslinging superhero jumped out at me as soon as I put on the geeky glasses. Kind of.

I have to say that I think 3D always sounds much better than it really is - and I am usually pretty disappointed with it.

But the scientists have managed to do something quite tricky with this.

It is VERY difficult to print 3D stuff on to fabric and they also had the challenge of making it look good if you don't have the glasses.

Must-have present?

Most of the kids who were checking it out thought it looked cool, but a few pointed out that the you're hardly going to go to bed wearing 3D glasses!

I was quite surprised to hear how much science goes into a duvet cover - how it looks, how it feels, whether it is safe.

Now get ready for more wearable 3D stuff hitting the shops.

Gravity-defying cars

Next up: the world's first ever gravity-defying remote-controlled cars. They are pretty amazing. They drive up walls and across ceilings.

The kids who took them for a test drive were very impressed.

Although it is actually quite difficult working out which way to push the controller when the car is upside down.

The controls are reversed... I think!

It works like a hovercraft in reverse, using air to suck to the wall.

The only problem is that you can't get it drive from the wall to the floor.

And if you have very high ceilings then you will need a ladder for Christmas too!