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Last Updated: Wednesday November 26 2008 15:00 GMT

Calzaghe gets award from Queen

Joe Calzaghe gets his CBE from the Queen

Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe has picked up another prize, getting a CBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

And he admitted meeting the Queen was pretty scary, saying: "I was pretty relaxed until I got to the front then I started to get nervous.

"It's nerve-wracking talking to the Queen," he added.

Calzaghe also admitted he may carry on fighting, even though he had spoken about retiring from the sport after his most recent bout.

Joe Calzaghe
He said: "If somebody comes to the table with really big money I'd be stupid to turn it down.

"I'll be 37 in March so I'm no spring chicken.

Calzaghe added: "It'll have to be something really special to make me want to fight again but I'll decide in the new year. There'll always be another up-and-coming fighter. It depends how long you want to go on."