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Last Updated: Wednesday November 26 2008 13:16 GMT

Sonali reports on the problems in Thailand

Sonali in Bangkok

A big protest at Bangkok airport in Thailand has forced bosses to close the airport, causing big problems for loads of tourists.

Sonali is one of those tourists, and she told Newsround what it's like in Bangkok at the moment.

"I'm in central Bangkok, and here you can't really tell there's much going on. But as soon as you turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper you see the trouble happening at the airport.

The only difference I can see here is that all the hotels are now filling up with people who are supposed to be on their way home, but are stuck in Thailand instead.

I only flew into Bangkok on Tuesday from Phuket, and everything was fine then. So all these problems have flared up in the last few hours.

It's not interfering with my holiday. I've been out sightseeing to the Royal Palace and you only thing you notice is that it's what people are talking about.

No-one really has a clue what is going on. We're supposed to be flying back to the UK on Friday. At the moment the airline says it will all be fine, but they don't really know what's happening.

It's scary for the people trying to catch a plane. They're stuck at the airport and some have already gone through customs.

People in other countries are affected too. They're waiting for planes to arrive from Bangkok that will then take them on their holidays, so at the moment are stranded as well.

Tourism is a really big industry in Thailand, and it's already suffering because of the global problems with money.

Some people here think the protestors shouldn't have done anything to the airport as it is too damaging to the country's reputation with future tourists.

But the protestors may feel it's the only way they can make their point.

The government here did ask the army to go to the airport and stop the protest and help the police. But the army refused and instead have told the government to call a new election."