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Last Updated: Monday November 24 2008 10:15 GMT

Man sets up home in airport

Hiroshi Nohara (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

A Japanese man has made himself at home in Mexico City airport.

Hiroshi Nohara flew in from Tokyo three months ago, and despite having a return ticket home, has never left the terminal.

Hiroshi lives off free food and drink given to him by the airport restaurants and passengers, and at night, he sleeps in a chair.

In the day he sits around chatting, and signing autographs for tourists, and says he doesn't know when he'll leave.

Hiroshi says there's not really any reason for his stay.

Hiroshi Nohara (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)
Hiroshi spends his days chatting
"But if I had to come up with an answer then I would say I wanted to breathe the air of Mexico at the airport," he said.

Airport worker Silvia Navarrete del Toro, said: "He just sits here and he eats.

"He's here all day. He's a calm person."