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Last Updated: Monday November 24 2008 08:13 GMT

Safety calls for railway crossing

The railway (Photo by: Theo Usherwood/PA Wire

Campaigners say a crossing in Nottinghamshire needs to be made safer, after a grandmother and her grandson were hit by a train on Saturday.

The 56-year-old woman and the seven-year-old boy were killed as they tried to cross the track at Bestwood Village.

A local councillor said the crossing had been "an accident waiting to happen".

Network Rail said it had inspected the crossing and couldn't find any problems with it.

Sherwood MP Paddy Tipping said there had been a long-running campaign to get better lighting at the site.

Police are investigating the incident to find out what happened.

Tragic accident

A spokesman for Network Rail said the crossing seemed safe, and the incident appeared to have been "a tragic accident".

But he said officials would be carrying out a "full investigation", and would make any changes that were needed.