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Last Updated: Monday November 24 2008 10:41 GMT

In pics: YOUR November snow pics

Kids playing in the snow in the North Yorkshire Moors

Lots of people across the UK woke up to find it had snowed overnight. These children in North Yorkshire wasted no time getting their sledges out to make the most of it. This page is now closed. We are not accepting anymore November pics.

Alistair with his snowman

Alistair, 12, made the most of the snow that fell in Lincolnshire. He made one snowman, and his brother made the other. He said having snow before Christmas was amazing!

Snowman made by Katherine

It looks like lots of snow fell in Suffolk. Katherine was busy making this cool snowman - check out the pink cape and hat!

Emily poses with her sister and niece in the snow in Aberdeenshire

Emily got her older sister Leonie and baby niece Kyra to pose with her in this real-life winter wonderland near Scotland's Laurencekirk in Aberdeenshire. All that snow looks amazing!

Zilah with her dad and dog and the snow bunny they made

In Suffolk, Zilah got her dad and dog to give her a hand making this huge snow bunny.

A snow igloo in Norfolk

It looks like Poppy and Derry had to use nearly all the snow in their garden to make this impressive igloo in Norfolk. But has someone just put their head through the roof?

Leah's snowcat

Check out this cool snowcat. It was made by 11-year-old Leah in her back garden in Kent.

Kam with his snowman

And eight-year-old Kam's been pretty busy in Danby, North Yorkshire. He didn't make just one snowman...

Kam with his snowmen

There was so much snow around he decided to make another two to go with it!

A child in the snow in Norfolk

This tiny figure is an eight-year-old snow fan in Norfolk. They were too busy playing to take a photo straight away, so their mum Karen sent us this one of them playing outside instead.