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Last Updated: Thursday November 27 2008 11:29 GMT

Have you had a lucky escape?

Cattle escape flood waters in India
Cattle escape flood waters in India

An 11-year-old girl had a lucky escape when her schoolbag cushioned her fall after she was hit by a car.

Doctors say the bag, which was packed with her PE kit and school books, probably saved her from being seriously hurt.

And earlier in the week, a cat survived being stuck underneath a train and travelling for hundreds of miles.

So we want to know if you've had a lucky escape, but it doesn't have to be a near-death experience...

Maybe you just got away with something like escaping a boring family outing, avoiding eating something you hate or having to do something hideous.

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Your comments

"Last week, I dropped a needle and it went in one side of my hand and out the other. Ow! I was very lucky it didn't hit an artery!"

Catalina, 10, England

"I've had two lucky escapes recently. One was yesterday, when I was pushed out into the middle of the road and a car clipped me but thankfully didn't do too much damage. The other was when I collapsed in a phone box between the train station and school a few weeks ago, and had to be rushed to hospital."

Mad, 14, Wales

"I was in the lounge eating chicken and I started to choke. I ran down the stairs, slipped on the bottom one (but was OK) and my mum did the Heimlich manoeuvre on me. It was funny, though, because at the end she said, 'I knew Mrs Doubtfire would come in handy one day,' then I went back up to the lounge and finished eating ."

Dani, 14, Bournemouth, England

"I was sitting next to my sister in front of my dad (she was eight at the time) who was trying to fix his glasses with a knife. I suddenly for no reason told my sister to move. Just after she had, the knife snapped and stuck in the wall behind her."

James, 12, Liverpool, England

"I was on holiday in France and I was in a swimming pool at the shallow end because I couldn't swim, and I slipped into the deep end. My Mum's boyfriend pulled me out of the water just in time because I couldn't breathe. I wasn't breathing for about 20 seconds after he pulled me out and I was very lucky not to drown."

Richard, 10, Kent, England

"A boy at my school was hit by a car and the same thing happened - his school bag saved his life! As I walk to and from school my mum always tells me to look twice and be careful what I decide when crossing. My little village is very lucky that the school raised money for some traffic lights for us to use!"

Jessica, 12, East Sussex, England

"My mum and brother and I had just come out of my friend's house and my brother ran to the car, got in and shut the door so I couldn't get in. I was annoyed but still went round to the other side, which was on the road, and opened the door. But as I was putting my bag in (we had come straight from school), my mum started reversing the car back while I was still on the road holding the door open. She nearly ran over my feet! It gave me a big shock, but luckily I wasn't hurt."

Jeannie, 10, Sheffield, England

"I fell out of a tree across a road by my school bus stop and just rolled out of the way as a tractor came."

Jamie, 11, Southampton, England

"When I was a baby, I started to choke on some polythene I was playing with. My dad luckily tipped me upside down and it went out! Lucky me!"

Alexandra, 11, Essex, England

"A few days ago I was walking back from school and there were builders working on the pavement so I had to walk round them and I checked there were no cars. But after I stepped out into the road, a car came really fast towards me but then turned and missed by about one inch."

Sophia, 12, Bristol, England

"When I was five I had an asthma attack after going to my aunt's with croup (an infection). But I lost 20% of my oxygen and had to take this icky black medicine. It was freaky but I could have died! And I was OK!"

Catherine, 9, UK

"When I was in Italy with my dad a tree fell on our car. My dad got out OK but I was trapped. Somehow I managed to push the tree off me and get myself free. I broke two of my ribs, though, but recovered."

Jonny, 12, Scotland

"Once when I was in year four I was playing on a bridge at school and I fell into the canal. Luckily the boy next door to my school pulled me out. I was ill for two months but luckily I didn't float away."

Maddie, 10, Newcastle, England

"I nearly drowned once. I was at one of my mum's friends' house and they had a swimming pool in their garden. I was going to have a paddle in the shallow end (because I couldn't swim) but when I was waiting for everyone else to get ready, I was sitting down on the side of the pool and I slipped! And it was the deep end! My mum dived into the pool to rescue me, but she wasn't wearing a swimming costume - she was wearing her normal clothes! She had to spend the rest of the day wearing a dressing gown and had to walk down the street in it!"

Charlotte, 11, England

"When I was a baby, I was in my granny's house and I was up the stairs when I fell all the way down. It was only because I had a big teddy bear in my hands that I didn't get hurt because I landed onto it. I don't think I'd be here if I didn't have that teddy and my granny still has it!!"

Kerry, 14, Northern Ireland

"I had a really bad allergic reaction once. It is unknown what caused it, but it could have been fatal, apparently!"

Liam, 12, London, England

"When I was on holiday when I was seven, the poolside was stone and my mum told me not to jump in. So I didn't, I pushed myself in, but I slipped and split my head open and nearly drowned. A man from London jumped in and saved me and he had three kids which me and my brother became friends with."

Abbie, 10, Newtownards, Northern Ireland

"I was rock climbing on a cliff and when I got near the top, this huge angry goat was running at me and my brother and sister. We all started climbing back down the hill before it got to us!"

Jennifer, 12, Kent, England

"I was in a tree and I fell out of the tree, but there was a trampoline under the tree, and I landed on it.

Hollie, 11, County Down, Northern Ireland

"I was about to get out of my friend's car when a car sped past me in the dark. It was so close I felt the wind rush through my hair. I was very shaken and the only thing I was thinking was 'I could have been underneath that'."

Alice, 13, Cambridge, England

"I once had a lucky escape because I had left my maths homework at school so I couldn't do it. Luckily, for the rest of the week we had a supply teacher, so I could take it home and hand it in late without anyone noticing!"

Amber, 10, Ramsgate, England

"I was in the middle of a queue to get my lunch but I couldn't wait. So me and a few other girls went through the packed lunch door round the back and ate lunch earlier. We didn't get into trouble!!"

Zaineb, 8, Wembley, England

"I was riding a horse at my yard and I was cantering him to the back of the ride, but a motorbike came roaring past and he bolted. I came off and just about missed the fence by an inch! Though I was very bruised and battered, I was OK!"

Ellie, 11, East Yorkshire, England

"I jammed my finger in my school gate. I thought I broke my finger, but I did not, my nail just came off."

Conner, 10, Forres, Scotland

"When I was 6 years old I had my appendix out and it was all OK. But after two weeks it got infected and poisonous so they rushed me back into hospital. It's all OK now. I have a massive scar, but that's what saved my life so I don't mind it."

Rebecca, 13, Grimsby, England

"I would have broken my neck falling down the stairs if my dad hadn't caught me."

Akosua, 11, Bromley, England

"I was lucky when I was about 11. My baby brother was in the kitchen with me and my dad, when he slipped or something like that and fell forwards. I managed to catch him seconds before he hit the wooden floor. I never knew I could catch so well, I wasn't even watching! It was only out the corner of my eye!"

Tayler, 12, UK

"One day, I was walking to the lunch hall. We have to cross a road so I was walking across and a truck was coming right at me! Luckily my best friend caught me and pulled me to the other side!"

Tarini, 8, UK

"My uncle once stuck some chocolate up his nose when he was young so my grandma had to press hot towels to his face to melt it! It worked, but apparently he sneezed brown for days!!!"

Alex, 11, Hartlepool, England

"One time when I was on holiday in Lanzarote, I really wanted to swim in the deep end of the pool. I held onto the bars at the edge of the pool. I didn't have goggles on, so someone jumped in over me. I was frightened of getting water in my eyes, so I let go of the bar. I didn't know how to swim. I swallowed three gulps of water, and was splashing around drowning until my sister saw me, grabbed me and helped me out of the pool. It ruined the rest of my holiday. From that day onwards, I was thankful that I have a sister."

Darryl, 11, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

"When I was about 6, I was investigating a crayon... I sniffed it and then it went into my nose. It was such a fright!!"

Maryam, 11, Birmingham, England

"Where I used to live there's a canal. When I was living there, I almost fell in it five times in 14 months!"

Bethany, 13, Argyll, Scotland

"I was fishing with my granddad and a dog came out of nowhere and tried to bite me, but luckily it had a muzzle on."

Connor, 11, Sheffield

"I got hit by a car when I was cycling to the railway station. The car was driving quite fast and didn't indicate where it was going, so I thought it wouldn't go in the direction where I was coming from. But it did. And the guy in the car clearly thought I was going somewhere else as well, and at that moment I discovered my brakes didn't work anymore so I couldn't do anything at all - even though it was a metre away. But luckily I got away with a bruise. :) "

Lisa, 15, Netherlands

"I was walking along a really muddy path when my welly got stuck in a thick, deep puddle. And then, someone riding a horse came along. The person on the horse couldn't see me, and the horse nearly trampled on me, but they noticed when I screamed, and helped me out."

Lauren 11, Penarth, Wales

"I had a lucky escape when I left two bits of homework at home! Luckily, in the 20 minutes of break, I managed to ring my mum, ask her for my homework and wish that she would hurry up! Finally, she brought it and I swooped away from having two detentions from missing two bits of homework, which would equal a detention on a Saturday!!!!!!!!!!"

Georgina, 11, London, England

"I was walking home from school one day with my mum and I tripped over my bag, went flying into the air and broke my two front teeth. Luckily my bag stopped me from breaking my nose."

Charlie, 10, Australia

"When I was 9 years old, my family and I went to the zoo for a day trip and I fainted outside an animal cage. It may not seem that bad, but to me it was very frightening."

Elenor, 11, Liverpool, England

"When I was younger, I got my head wedged between a window and a pillar, but luckily someone managed to unwedge me!"

Tennessee, 12, UK

"I was lucky, because when went on holiday in Pakistan to see my family there was a little earthquake. But I was having an argument with my cousin and because I was so angry I never felt it. When I heard about it I was quite surprised."

Souhaa, 10, London, England

"I nearly fell out of the window, but my loving mum caught me just in time. Thank God I never fell!"

Jane, 13, Birmingham, England

"I was sitting on top of a climbing frame at school which was about 10ft high when someone climbed up beside me and pushed me off. I hit my face on the wood surrounding the bark and my mouth was bleeding loads!"

Lottie, 12, England

"I was with my brother and sister in the park and decided to ride down this really steep hill on my scooter. As I was going down, the front of the scooter flipped up and I went over the top! I had to have my hands bandaged up for a week and had a broken finger! Won't be doing that again!"

Gwen, 14, Milton Keynes, England

"I was crossing at a pelican crossing and the man was green. I crossed and a car came speeding and missed me by about an inch! I will never forget it."

Beth, 12, Wakefield, England

"When I was about 7 I thought I had really grown up so I wore my mum's stilettos, and I was happily walking around in them in my garden when my mum started shrieking. It gave me such a shock that I sprained my ankle. Luckily I didn't have a broken foot or something."

Humairaa , 12, Dewsbury, England

"When I was about 4, I touched an electric fence (you do these things when you're 4!). But because it was very low current I just got a static shock and my corkscrew hair was huge all day!"

Gloria, 14, London, England

"My nan had a lucky escape, because a hedgehog fell in her pond and they could not leave him in the house so they left him on the bank. In the morning, she thought it would be dead on the bank, but it had gone. Lucky or what?"

Ellie, 7, Port Talbot, Wales

"I was just getting onto the bars at school and I was just about to do a doggy dip, but a girl in the year below didn't realise I was there or something and crashed straight into me. I fell down and got a couple of bruises, but was OK."

Rosanna, 11, Kingston, England

"When I was younger something got stuck up my nose, but luckily the doctor got it out."

James, 11, Macclesfield, England

"I was riding my bike down a really steep hill when a car came up behind me with really loud rock music. I was distracted and let go of my brakes. I shot straight into the road. Luckily there was nothing coming!"

Lora, 12, UK

"I was on the pavement, walking, and then I suddenly tripped and fell over a bin because I was daydreaming when a monster lorry came zooming ON to the pavement. It ran over my wrist so it is still in plaster from a year ago. My arm is still red and bruised, but luckily the lorry didn't run over my body or face!"

Taliana, 9, Neath, Wales

"I was playing on my playscape at school and I was jumping on the bridge when I slipped on a leaf. The monkey bar saved me. Although I did do a flip and fractured my wrist, it is better than falling on my face and having a broken nose."

Jennifer, 10, Enfield, America

"Me, my dad, my nanna and my uncle, were on the way to Central Manchester when a huge double decker bus and our car were pushed into the other lane. Amazingly I got away with no cuts or bruises, just a horrible memory of that day.

Rebecca, 11, Manchester, England

"I escaped from a fire in my house and I only saved my teddy, called Spencer Bear."

Alex, 9, Armagh, Northern Ireland

"Once I was riding a pony called Crisp when I fell off, my foot stuck in the stirrup and he cantered around! I got it out and was blue-lighted to the hospital."

Niamh, 9, Herefordshire, England

"I was coming out of my school and there is a block of flats and someone was coming in driving really fast and nearly missed hitting me!"

Chloe, 12, London, England

"My friend and I were playing out on our bikes when she fell off into the middle of the road and her foot got caught in her chain. Then we saw a car coming at a fast speed. I got onto the footpath and was safe, but when I saw her stuck I jumped off my bike and ran into the road to save her. I finally got her free and my friend was crying because she was so scared. The person who was in the car was too busy on his mobile to see that we were in the road, but fortunately we reached the footpath and got my friend's bike back as well!"

Amelia, 12, Ripon, England

"In year six, I had to be air-lifted to hospital after doing a handstand on the school field. At the time, I was rubbish at handstands and I wanted to impress my friends by doing a handstand and going over into a crab, but instead I fell on my neck and just missed out on breaking it! But the weird thing was the year before, I had appendicitis and the night before I had tea at my grandmas. And the night before the accident happened I had tea at my grandmas too... Weird or what?"

Lucy, 11, Retford, England

"When I was in year 6, I dropped a piece of mango on the ground because it had gone bad. My teacher looked through all our lunch things, but I had a dentist appointment so my mum picked me up from school early. I know it was wrong but I wasn't in trouble!"

Natalie, 13, London, England

"While we were on holiday, me and my dad went out to the beach. It was our last day on holiday so we went out really early in the morning. The waves were fine for a while and then got a bit hard so we decided to get out, but a huge wave brought me back into the sea and dragged me down. But my dad, who used to be a life guard, jumped in and helped me out."

Cara, 11, London, England

"I got hit by a car earlier on in September too. The same thing happened to me. I was coming home from school and a car hit me. I was flung in the air, then I landed and the car went over my foot. At the time, I was wearing my black wedge heels, which I'd been told not to wear at school! But it turns out they were really strong, because they got most of the bashing. I wouldn't be able to walk ever again if it hadn't been for my shoes! I was only on crutches for a couple of weeks and I now treasure my wedges."

Sophia, 12, Fife, Scotland