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Last Updated: Friday November 21 2008 17:04 GMT

Boy dies from deodorant chemicals

An aerosol can being sprayed

There's a new warning that you should be careful when spraying deodorant - after a 12-year-old boy died from using too much of it.

Daniel Hurley collapsed in the bathroom in January this year and died five days later in hospital. His dad said he used a lot of spray deodorant.

Officials say his death was an accident and he died because he breathed in chemicals from a can of deodorant.

It sounds scary, but experts say it's really really, rare for this to happen.

Nick Dwyer works for a charity called Solve It, which explains to people how to use aerosol cans safely.

Daniel Hurley
Daniel Hurley
"The dangerous part is the chemical that's inside the can that helps the rest of the chemicals come out," he said.

"If you use these products for the purpose they're designed for - deodorant under your arms or hairspray on your hair - they're perfectly safe."

Warning labels

There are also laws to make sure the 600 million aerosols used in the UK every year are safe. And the law says they've got to have warning labels.

The people who make aerosol cans say you should pay attention to that warning - which says that you shouldn't go mad and spray loads of deodorant - and make sure you always use it in a place with plenty of air.