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Last Updated: Friday November 21 2008 08:23 GMT

Sign call after sand tunnel death

A beach

There's been a call for more signs warning people about the dangers of tunnelling in sand, after a boy died on a beach in Wales in the summer.

A court heard that Craig Owen, 16, from Wrexham, had died while on a family holiday in Carmarthenshire in August.

He had been digging in sand dunes with his friends at Cefn Sidan beach, when the sand tunnel collapsed on him.

An expert who spoke at the inquest said young people should be warned that sand tunnelling is a "dangerous activity".

Craig died on 3 August, while on a family holiday with his parents Ron and Jayne.

Cefn Sidan beach
Craig was digging in sand at Cefn Sidan
He and four friends had decided to dig a connecting tunnel between two holes, one about three meters deep, and the other about two meters deep, the inquest on Thursday heard.

Craig had carried on digging in the sand, when the tunnel caved in and collapsed.

His friends tried to free him, and rescuers arrived and airlifted Craig to hospital, where doctors decided he had died.


John Owen, the man in charge of the inquest in Llanelli, recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Carmarthenshire council said it would be putting up signs warning children and teenagers about digging in the sand.