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Last Updated: Friday November 21 2008 07:09 GMT

Kids in NI sit last ever 11 plus

Kids in a classroom

Thousands of primary school kids are making history by sitting Northern Ireland's last ever 11 plus exam.

The test, which helps decide whether pupils go to a grammar school or not, is being scrapped after more than 60 years.

Some people said it was unfair to make kids sit such an important test when they're 10 or 11-years-old.

But others said everyone got the same chance, so the test was a fair way of deciding which school kids go to.

The 11 plus is made up of two one hour papers, with a mixture of English, maths and science questions.

Maddy talking to Dr Karen Kerr
It's not known yet what's being brought into replace it, so kids in the year below are confused about how people will decide which school they'll go to.

In England, pupils in some schools will continue to take the 11 plus.