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Last Updated: Thursday November 20 2008 19:10 GMT

Shops after our Christmas cash

A Christmas shopper

Christmas might seem a long way off but there's only 35 days left to go!

We've already had snow, in October, and now loads of shops are trying to get us to do our Christmas shopping early too.

It's all because of the money problems we've been having - lots of people are thinking twice before they splash their cash so some shops are struggling.

In the UK, just under a third of what we spend in shops over the whole year is spent doing our Christmas shopping, and the shops rely on getting it.

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Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis tells us his top Christmas shopping tips

So to persuade us to start spending again, loads of prices on the high street are being slashed.

The Christmas sales have started much earlier and some chain stores have even been having days where shoppers can get special discounts of up to 25% off most of the stuff they sell.

Nobody knows if it will work, or just how bad it will be for the shops, but one high street store is already saying it thinks this will be the worst Christmas they've ever had.


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