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Last Updated: Thursday November 20 2008 10:38 GMT

We are filling shoeboxes with gifts

Press Packer George

Lots of children in poorer countries don't receive presents at Christmas.

Press Packer George and his classmates have decorated shoeboxes and filled them with gifts to send to children in other parts of Europe.

Here's his story.

"I belong to a Peace Club and we meet every Tuesday at lunchtime.

We try to make peace in the world by caring for others.

Christmas cards

We have jumble sales for children in Ghana and we sell orange and blackcurrant squash in the summer for Water Aid.

We have book sales and we make cards for the sailors out at sea because they might not receive any Christmas cards from anyone else.

Toys and clothing

For Operation Christmas Child this year we collected lots of shoeboxes and covered them in Christmas wrapping paper.

We asked all the children in our school to bring in games, toys, crayons, pencils, pads of paper, teddies, warm hats, scarves and gloves.

One boy even brought in 280 toothbrushes - WOW!

The boxes looked really exciting.


Operation Christmas Child are taking our shoeboxes to countries on the Eastern side of Europe to children who wouldn't get presents unless we sent some to them.

We hope they all enjoy the gifts we sent them."

George, Year 4, Exeter

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