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Last Updated: Tuesday November 25 2008 10:14 GMT

Was Strictly star John right to quit the show?

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Kids' views on Sergeant leaving Strictly

Strictly Come Dancing contestant John Sergeant has quit the show.

The judges all think he's a rubbish dancer and aren't happy because the public keep voting for him to stay in.

But now he says there's a danger he could win the series and doesn't think that's fair to the other celebs who are much better than he is.

But is it the right decision? Are you a John Sergeant fan? Are you gutted or delighted that he's gone? Who do you want to win now?

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Your comments

"I think the judges almost bullied him into leaving. It's all silly because it's just an entertainment show, and if everyone got 40 it would be dull. But I respect his decision."

Meg, 12, Suffolk, England

"I think it is good that he realised that he wasn't that good, because it wouldn't be right if he won and the good dancers didn't! But he was very entertaining! Rock on John!"

Eleanor, 11, East Yorkshire, England

"John himself did say he could have won, and he could. When Cherie and James went out, James reminded everyone it was a dancing competition. If someone like Rachel had gone out just because people were voting for John there certainly would have been a lot of complaints. It's better now than after someone good is knocked out. John made a good decision."

Ella, 10, Wirral, England

"He was not a very good dancer, but I still think that it was wrong of him to leave, because it makes strictly even more fun!"

Elenor, 12, London

"No - John was very entertaining and made the show quite exciting. But it was down to him to choose if he wanted to stay or go. He did a good job when he was in Strictly. Well done John!!!"

Megan, 8, Norfolk, England

"I don't get what the fuss is about! As far as I'm concerned, John Sergeant can do whatever he wants. It was his decision to leave so the public should respect that. Just because he's left, it's not the end of the world."

Coco, 14, London, England

"I don't think he should have left because now all the contestants are really good and it's not funny anymore. It was hilarious watching him dance. The public kept him in, and paid for him, so no, I bet they feel really let down."

Sophie, 10, St Albans, England

"Yes and no. Yes, because he did not want to win the show for popularity. No, because it would be a great achievement."

Charlotte, 10, Lincoln, England

"I'm glad he's gone. It was annoying when he got voted in."

Chloe, 10, Windsor, England

"No way! It's an entertainment show, not a serious dance competition. It was funny watching him try to dance, it won't be as fun anymore because he put some life into the show."

Lizzie, 12, England

"I think he was pushed to do it. But he's 64 and he's against people 40 - 20 years younger than him and he tried his best. So, I think he shouldn't have."

Aoife, 10, Northern Ireland

"No, he wasn't right to leave. I think he should have stayed because he tries his best to dance and I think he should give himself another chance."

Caroline, 10, Manchester, England

"Everyone says that the judges were harsh, but they are there to judge the dancing, nothing else. He wouldn't have won anyway, the public do have sense in the end."

Pauline, 14, England

"I think he is right to resign because he is causing a lot of trouble with the good dancers. My mum is a huge fan and my family say he should have gone ages ago."

Imogen, 13, Hertfordshire, England

"Well I don't care about him leaving, it's not how famous you are it's your dancing skills, he wasn't the best."

Olly, 12, Kent, England

"I think that it's not fair that the good dancers have to leave but I liked John. He was very funny."

Jenna, 10, Scotland

"NOOOOOOOOOO! I will miss John Sergeant, he entertained us. Mind you, he would have gone out soon anyway!"

Alice, 11, Wigan, England

"I loved John, he was a great role model and he was entertaining. I think the judges are taking this seriously."

Charlotte, 9, Tamworth, England

"He should have stayed! The show won't be the same without him!!!"

Emily, 9, Birmingham, England

"He shouldn't have left Strictly, but he was kind to back out because they were only voting for him because he was not a very good dancer and now he's let somebody else have the chance to win."

Elizabeth, 9, Kent, England

"I'm angry and upset. I'm not watching Strictly anymore, that was the only good thing about Saturday nights."

Georgina, 12, Buckinghamshire, England

"John should not have gone until he was voted out by the public. The time was not right. He was the life and soul of the programme A boring reality show became a comedy!"

Hezlett, 11, Northern Ireland

"No, I don't think he should have but he was really kind to do it. Well done, John!"

Sophie, 10, Doncaster, England

"I think that John shouldn't have quit. The judges and dancers on the show have been deliberately trying to get him out. It will be a lot more boring without him and I know that me and some of my friends won't be watching because of this."

Natalie, 13, Staffordshire, England

"Yes, John Sergeant was right to quit because it isn't fair to have good dancers voted out."

Ben, 10, Somerset, England

"I loved John. He was a great role model and he was entertaining. I think the judges are taking this seriously."

Charlotte, 9, Stafford, England

"No - Strictly is an entertainment show, not a professional dance competition! It should be about what the public wants!"

James, 11, Essex, England

"It's really down to him if he stays or goes; as much as people like him we can't change his opinion."

Chanin, 15, London, England

"I think it was wrong to leave; lots of people spent money to save him."

David, 12, Liverpool, England

"To be honest, I can see where John is coming from because in the end the amount of votes he was getting for his 'original' performances was hardly because they wanted him to win. There are other celebrities who have more of a chance than John and as much as I like him he was right to leave."

Charlotte, 12, Newcastle, England

"I love John Sergeant, he's brilliant! But I see where he's coming from. Sure, he's not breaking the rules, but I would feel terrible if I knocked somebody out who deserved to win or go on... I would have voted for John, but it was his decision and nobody else could make it for him."

Anna, 13

"NOOOOOOOOOO! I will miss John Sergeant. He entertained us didn't he? Mind you, he would have gone out soon, anyway! :-("

Alice, 11, Wigan, England

"I think that John did as anyone would do in that situation. I know I would have quit."

Nicholas, 10, Surrey, England

"I think that he was right to quit but he tried his best and brought laughter and happiness to the show. GO JOHN SERGEANT!!!"

Lucy, 9, London, England

"I think he was very noble in quitting the show, for he realised he might win because he is funny, not because he can dance."

Lilly, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"I'm glad. He is so boring to watch and he puts the better dancers in danger of going out."

Alex, 12, Surrey, England

"I loved John Sergeant and even though it was right for him to go he should have been voted out like everyone else. He and his partner were great and we are going to miss him. We love you, John and Kristina."

Clara, 11, Southampton, England

"He has a right to the competition as much as everyone does! James should not have been so mean and he should still be in the competition. Plus I am not really a John fan but I am saying he should be in still!!!"

Emily, 11, Bristol, England

"I am very sad to see John go - he has such a lovely character and is enchanting to watch. Of course I respect his decision and would have done the same if it was me. I feel sorry because of all the pressure he is under, and just to let you know, John, I voted for you every week! Good luck in the future :)"

Isabelle, 11, London, England

"I looked forward to seeing John every week. We all know he might not have won but he tried his best. Our Saturday night will not be the same."

Seren, 8, Glamorgan, Wales

"I'm not bothered really but I feel sorry for his dance partner Kristina.... she might have wanted to stay in the competition."

Evie, 12, Leeds, England

"I am disappointed that John Sergeant has chosen to quit the show. This show is not about a joke; it's about developing your skills, and John should have stayed."

Kline, 9, London, England

"I can't believe John's gone; it was blatant bullying from the judges!"

Frances, 12, England

"We have wasted money each week voting for him, then he DECIDES to quit. Not impressed, John; very disappointing. Strictly Come Rip-Off."

Dan, 12, Surrey, England

"John Sergeant should have stayed whilst the judges should have quit so I think the judges need a taste of the dance off and John is funny."

James, 11, Stockton-on-Tees, England

"I think John Sergeant was right to leave Strictly Come Dancing because it was getting a bit ridiculous, even though I think that John was sweet and nice."

Morgan, 11, Liverpool, England

"I didn't want him to leave (even if he was a terrible dancer) because it wasn't his fault he wasn't very good and it isn't his fault that people are voting for him. I would have loved to see his Salsa, Jive, Quickstep and Freestyle dance!"

Adam, 12, Solihull, England

"John was bullied into leaving - adults say bullying is wrong and should be stopped. So why did they do that to him? I think he was great."

Judith, 11, Stockport, England

"I think he should have stayed! It's an entertainment show!!! If everyone in the competition was good, there would be no competition!! I think now he has gone one of the old contestants should come in."

Hayley, 13, Gloucester, England

"I really, really don't think he should've gone because he's OLD and it was really brave of him to go on. I nearly cried :("

Cara, 13, Wales

"I think it was nice of him to acknowledge that his personality was getting him through, not talent. Yes, he has made the show fun, but there has to be talent. I like him as a person more for quitting, in some ways, as it was very thoughtful of him. Well done, John!"

Lora, 12

"Although he wasn't my favourite to win the competition, I don't think that it is fair on him to leave the show just because he feels guilty for being popular. He must've felt pressured to leave and that can't have been a nice feeling."

Lottie, 13, England

"I think he should have stayed. He was great to watch and I loved him!"

Tanya, 11, London, England

"I am disappointed that John Sergeant has chosen to quit the show, this show is not about a joke, it's about developing your skills, and John should have stayed."

Kline, 9, London, England

"It think it is rather sad that he had to withdraw. I would have preferred if he had gone out fair and square even if it was his time to go."

Isla, 12, Buckinghamshire, England

"John shouldn't have quit because of the pressure from other people - it doesn't matter what the judges think. He should have kept on entertaining the country and making people watch Strictly - it will be too serious without him."

Jess, 13, Halifax, England

"I suppose it's up to him! But I'm sure the public are very disappointed!"

Ella, 12, England

"I think John Sergeant was right to leave Strictly because it was getting a bit ridiculous. Even though I think that John was sweet and nice."

Morgan, 11, Liverpool, England

"I think he shouldn't have left because he's not breaking any rules and the judges shouldn't of been so harsh on him. He was an entertaining dancer and I liked him."

Holly, 11, Bath, England

"No way! He made this year's Strictly for me."

Heather, 12, North Yorkshire, England

"I am really going to miss John. He brought so much humour to the show."

Anisah, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think it's fair that John has quit because the other people in the competition are better than him, but he did do his best."

Rebecca, 11, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I didn't think John should have quit. I thought he was alright for his age and that the judges were being really harsh! He would have gone out this week, I think, anyway! GO SERGEANT."

Izzy, 11, Oxfordshire, England

"John should not have left at all. I voted 7 times last week and I really wanted him to win it. He was sticking to the rules all along, what did he do wrong? I will look forward to their last dance on Saturday."

Laura, 10, Dudley, England

"I think John should stay because he was a good dancer because he is entertaining. It is very sad he is leaving."

Olivia, 10, Middlesex, England

"Nobody wanted John Sergeant to go (including me). But in the end I don't think you could let him win against almost professional dancers, that would be unfair on them."

Lina, 10, West Yorkshire, England

"I think that although John had a lot of criticism, he is just admitting defeat!"

Matthew, 12, Sunderland, England

"I think John should have stayed on the show because he was the best part of it and you were always cheerful once you watched him dance!"

Kally, 10, West Yorkshire, England

"John should not have gone. He brought a laughter to the show. It's a reality TV show, it's not like it's serious."

Tom, 14 Middlesbrough, England

"I am so sad he left. He was a good dancer and it wasn't fair he got harsh comments from the panel."

Lewis, 9, Poole, England

"I think that it's good that John has left. Even though he was always really funny and entertaining the show is supposed to be about the best dancer."

Pauline, 13, England

"I did like John as he was funny, but I think he did do the right thing. Now the really good dancers have a chance!"

Holly, 12, Brighton, England

"I totally disagree with John's departure, he really should have stayed. I'm sad to see him go!!!"

Kate, 10, Dorset, England

"I don't think he should have quit because he would not have won anyway."

Hasnain, 10, High Wycombe, England

"He is so bad, I don't know why they keep voting for him. It is not fair on the other dancers like Lisa, she is fab!!!!!!!!!"

Abbie, 11, London, England

"I think he should of stayed in, it's what the competition is about ... entertainment!! I feel so sorry for him and I am very annoyed at the show!!!"

Eddie, 12, Worcestershire, England

"I am glad John has gone. He stayed in while the good dancers went out. Now we can vote for the dancing, not humour."

Hannah, 10, UK

"I am really sad John Sergeant has left Strictly because he's such a nice guy and it was good that the public gave him support."

Laurence, 12, Wiltshire, England

"This is ridiculous! I wanted John to win! If the public wanted him to stay, he should stay. It's boring how every year a female singer wins. If John has to go, Cherie should get to come back!"

Bethan, 14, Gloucester, England

"I think that he had to leave sometime soon. He was funny, but I think that he should have gone weeks ago! Cherie should not have gone out this week, she was one of the best."

Connie, 13, Cheltenham, England

"I'm glad he left. I know some people voted for him when they didn't even watch the show. They were making a mockery of the show, and I'm very glad he had the decency to quit. After all, it's called Strictly Come DANCING!"

Ellie, 12, Cambridge, England

"I don't think John should have left Strictly as he always made us smile, especially in the Latin dances."

Emma, 11, Leicester, England

"I think that he shouldn't have quit! He HAS been bullied out of the show. He was the highlight of the show every week!"

Chloe, 12, Tamworth, England

"I loved John, it is sooo unfair that he quit because of the judges and press."

Rachel, 15, Poole, England

"I think it's good he's gone because he can't dance. I agree with the judges and I am over the moon now he's gone."

Hannah, 11, Preston, England

"No way! John was hilarious and he made the show so much fun to watch. It was great to see him get through every week, but it wasn't entirely fair that better dancers were put into the dance off instead of him."

Katie, 13, Wiltshire, England

"I think that it is sad that John has quit, but I do feel that it is time that he left. If he had stayed in the competition another good dancer would have to leave and that's not right in a dance competition."

Beth, 13, Northampton, England

"The public wanted him to stay in, so I think he should of. He was a bad dancer, but still the public wanted him."

Georgia, 10, Kent, England

"I really liked John. Even though he wasn't a great dancer he proved that you could be successful at things if you try hard. I think he was silly to leave the show - I will miss him!"

Elly, 13, Manchester, England

"Strictly was fun, but it has now turned into a disaster. I don't think people should pull out because they are under pressure from the press and the public."

Leah, 13, Glamorgan, Wales

"I think this is a disgrace. He's been bullied out. I won't be watching it again. All my family are really sad about this. John was so fun!"

Jenny, 13, London, England

"I thought he was absolute rubbish. It's good he's out now, no-one can take pity on him and we can keep the best dancers in."

Hannah, 10, Derbyshire, England

"He should not have quit because of the pressure from judges. If the public wanted him out they would have got him out."

Dan, 14, UK

"He shouldn't have left; he's giving the viewers satisfaction."

Geo, 13, Norwich, England

"When he goes out I'll stop watching. If the public can't vote for the winner they want, what's the point of having the vote?"

Jake, 11, Liverpool, England

"I think John was really funny and I was sad when all the judges were nasty. He made Strictly Come Dancing really fun."

Clare, 13, Worcestershire, England

"This is a disgrace! It's not fair; I love him! He was the funniest thing; he made me laugh so much and I know it's all about the best dancer but I loved him so much :( "

Georgina, 12, High Wycombe, England

"I want him to stay in the competition, although he is rubbish! He is so very funny!!!!"

Debbie, 10, Rochdale, England

"Oh, noooooo! Come back, John. It's against the rules to quit! You will make it to the final if people keep voting. I'LL MISS YOU."

Lindsey, 7, Rochdale, England

"I don't think he should quit because he is not breaking any rules and he is playing fairly."

Emma, 11, Lincoln, England

"I think it's disgusting that the press and the judges have given him such a hard time. I won't be watching again!"

Lauren, 13, Stafford, England

"It's good he's gone."

John, 13, Lincoln, England

"It is really annoying that my mum votes several times a week for him to stay in! The really good dancers are going out every week because the public take pity on him. Cherie should never have gone out but people vote for him just because he's 'funny.' You should vote on the dancing, not the humour."

Laura, 11, Rochdale, England