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Last Updated: Tuesday November 18 2008 14:40 GMT

Teachers should be more aware of diabetic pupils

Insulin injection needle

Hundreds of young people have gone to Parliament in London because they want school teachers to give more support to pupils with diabetes.

Press Packer Amber went along because she knows what it's like for teachers not to understand what happens when you're diabetic.

"I went to London with lots of other young people to ask politicians to improve the support for pupils at school who have diabetes.

I know this is important because I had an incident at my school with my teacher.

Blurry vision

My teacher didn't know I was a diabetic. In a maths lesson I started to get a 'hypo', this is where my blood sugar level gets really low and I need to eat something sugary quickly.

I knew it was happening because my vision goes blurry and my legs start shaking.


I took out a cereal bar and started eating it. But the teacher shouted at me and told me to get out of the classroom.

It was very scary and I couldn't actually get up and leave because I was too weak.

Really good now

My mum took me out of school for three days until the teachers understood my condition and learnt how to deal with what can happen to me in my lessons.

My school is really good now and the teachers know about my diabetes and how they can help me.

Blood tests

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just over a year ago.

I now have to be aware about what I eat and have to test my blood a few times a day to see how much sugar is in it.

I also give myself insulin injections.

I think it's really important to raise awareness in schools about how pupils with diabetes are treated.

I would hate what happened to me in class to happen to another child."

Amber, 11, Somerset

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