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Last Updated: Tuesday November 18 2008 08:10 GMT

Cat shaken by journey under train

The cat that survived it's unusual train ride

A runaway cat has had a hair-raising ride of up to 100 miles - underneath a freight train.

The white and tortoise-shell moggy was found on a tiny ledge underneath a train carriage that had travelled from Teesside to Carlisle, in Cumbria.

Apart from being a bit grubby and very shaken by her journey, the cat wasn't hurt and has been taken to a local animal shelter to recover in comfort.

Now staff at the shelter are trying to find her owner so they can be reunited.

Nicky Diebel, from the Animals Refuge in Carlisle, said: "We would like to reunite it with its owners, but if you lose a cat in Teesside you wouldn't think of ringing up a refuge in Cumbria."

A map showing the cat's journey
The cat's travelled across the country
The travelling cat was found on a train that was on its way back from a depot in Billingham.

As it only stopped once on its way back, in Darlington, it's thought she must have climbed on board at Teesside.

Sam Glencross, from Direct Rail Services, said: "It was clear it had been there for a long time, as it was very shaken. It took a bit of coaxing to get it off, but eventually it did so.

"It's been the talk of the depot."