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Last Updated: Monday November 17 2008 12:40 GMT

Harry Potter books 'most stolen'

Harry Potter books

Harry Potter titles may be the best selling books in Scotland, but they're also the ones that go missing the most from the country's libraries.

New figures show that the books by JK Rowling are the most likely to be stolen from the shelves, or borrowed and not returned.

Books by children's author Jacqueline Wilson, and books teaching people how to drive, were also likely to be taken.

In the past year, 36,792 books have gone missing from Scottish libraries.

Harry Potter books
Harry Potter book
The people that run the libraries are trying different ways to try and get people to return overdue books.

In some places, things called amnesties are being held, so people can return them without having to pay fines.

But one library manager said the increase in the number of books being stolen was a good thing - because it showed how popular books have become!