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Last Updated: Friday November 14 2008 07:35 GMT

School chairs 'are a back ache'

Pupils try out the new chairs

If you've ever suffered from back ache you're not alone - nearly half of you will have had some kind of back pain by the time you're 11, new research shows.

Part of the problem is the chairs you sit on at school as many were designed for an average-sized child from the 1960s, who were much shorter.

But teachers can get special chairs if they have back problems and now some politicians think you should too.

One school in Kent has already started using chairs that support kids' backs.

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Check out a chiropractor's (back expert) advice for preventing back pain

The chairs are fully adjustable and pupils say they make lessons a lot more comfortable.

The only problem is, furniture like this can be really expensive so not all schools will be getting them.

But there's still stuff you can do to protect your backs - experts reckon another great way to beat pain is to get out and exercise!