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Last Updated: Wednesday November 12 2008 16:07 GMT

Pub dog must wear special vest

Watch Hatty in her bright yellow vest

A dog that was banned from going into a pub has been allowed back in - as long as she wears a bright yellow vest.

Hatty the Lakeland Terrier used to visit the pub with her owner all the time, but then she started munching the pub's beer mats.

The owner of the pub decided Hatty was making too much mess and costing him too much money in replacement mats.

He banned Hatty from the pub, but then changed his mind after other customers said they wanted her to come back.

But pub boss Nigel McLelland wouldn't let her back without being able to keep an eye on what Hatty was up to.

So he says she has to wear a bright yellow vest like builders do when they're working.

What do Hatty's family think of her?

And if Hatty keeps on munching those beer mats she may face another new rule from Mr McLelland - a muzzle!

Hatty's owner Jeff Hughes works as a roofer and takes her to work with him every day, but had to leave her at home or in his van during the ban.

When that happened Hatty used to "sulk" but now she's much happier. He said: "She loves it there because everyone plays with her."