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Last Updated: Wednesday November 12 2008 12:54 GMT

Campaign to stop kids' road fears

Traffic jam

Loads of you are getting scared in cars or while riding your bike on the roads.

Of more than 7,000 nine to 11-year-olds who were questioned, more than half said they get scared in cars because they think the driver's going too fast.

A similar amount said they sometimes take their seatbelt off and two out of three have been squished into a car with too many people in it.

Now a big campaign's started to try to get adults to drive more safely and for everyone to be safer on the roads.

The campaign is being backed by friends and families of people who've died or been badly hurt in crashes.

Sophie, Maddy and Jackson
They include the best friends of brothers Arron and Ben Peak who were killed in a motorway crash involving footballer Luke McCormick this summer.

Talking to Newsround's Maddy, eight-year-old Jackson said people who speed "are idiots" and he wants to do everything he can to get people to drive more safely.


As well as getting people to slow down on the roads, campaigners also want parents to do their bit to make sure you stay safe.

Pedestrian crossing
The survey found most of you are responsible for putting your own seatbelts on, but hardly any parents check you've done it.

And of the six out of 10 kids who say they undo their seat belts while the car's moving, most of them said they didn't think their parents noticed or minded!

Mary Williams, from road safety charity Brake, said we all need to think 'Stop. Imagine. Change'.

"We all need to take a moment daily to think of the reality of road death and injury, take a hard, cold look at our behaviour on roads and improve it for the sake of our own loved ones and others, whether that's by slowing down, not overtaking, switching off our mobiles, belting up our children in child seats, or holding their hands."