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Last Updated: Monday November 10 2008 06:25 GMT

Gav tries out music gaming

Gavin tries out music gaming

It's the battle of the music video games... Rockband 2 v Guitar Hero World Tour.

Both games involve playing instruments to score points, but how do they compare to the real thing?

Gavin's been finding out...

"Now when it comes to playing musical instruments, I'm not exactly the most talented.

I tried learning to play the guitar when I was younger to no avail... The piano didn't work out, and as for trying out the saxophone? Well, I won't even go there.

So lucky for me, having a go on the latest rock star video games saved me the embarrassment of knowing how to play any proper instruments.

Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 are new releases, following on from successful games released in the past. To test out just how good they were, I got a real group of musicians who all sing and play their own instruments to try them out!

Electric instruments

The games come complete with a drum set, two guitars and a microphone. You and your mates can all muck in and play along together as if you're performing in a concert. From watching the guys take on the challenge, it did look pretty tough!

Kids test out music gaming
Kids test out music gaming

According to the song, notes will flow down the screen. Depending on which instrument you have, you strum, stroke or hit a certain part of it! On fast songs with lots of rhythm and quick beats this is near impossible!

Oh, and the lead singer has to hit all the right tones by giving their best rendition into the microphone! I'm glad Simon Cowell wasn't around when I had go...

The kids felt there were a few differences in the games - even though the ideas behind them were pretty much the same.

The instruments and equipment were quirky in Guitar Hero WT - for example, it had cymbals built onto the drums - and a nifty little stool to sit on when playing them. Both games have different songs, some more well-known than others!

Top tunes?

But I think the real musicians felt Rock Band 2 was easier to play. What they all agreed on was how good both games look, but it all comes at a pretty hefty cost. The complete sets including the game will be more than a £100!

Lots of money I'm sure you'll agree - I think I would be better off spending that on singing lessons - at least I'd get a decent score then!"