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Last Updated: Thursday November 06 2008 05:47 GMT

In pics: Should the 11 plus be scrapped?

Kids in a classroom

Kids in Northern Ireland are taking the 11 plus exam, which decides whether they'll go to a grammar school or not, for the last time. But are they pleased the exam's being scrapped?

Maddy talks to Paul and Lois

Lois said kids won't be so stressed out in future, but Paul said the exam's a good way of deciding what secondary school kids will go to.

Maddy talking to Alice

Alice also thinks the exam's a good idea, because she thinks if kids aren't doing that well they will go to a school which will give them the help they need to get better.

Maddy talks to Robyn and Rebecca

Robyn reckons the exam's a good idea too, she said it gives kids the opportunity to go to a school for their ability, while Rebecca said she doesn't really mind either way.

Maddy talks to Grace

Grace said it's confusing not knowing what will replace it. "I'd like to know what's going on so that I could know what to expect for next year so that I could prepare for it," she said.