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Last Updated: Wednesday November 05 2008 15:06 GMT

Gaming tops DVDs as fave past-time

Video games

When it comes to keeping ourselves entertained, playing video games is becoming Britain's favourite past-time, according to new research.

In the UK alone, we're expected to spend a staggering £4.64 billion on video games this year - more than we'll spend on CDs and DVDs combined!

Researchers reckon the popularity of games and consoles like FIFA 08 and the Wii are responsible for the boost.

But some experts think the figures are a bit misleading.

The Entertainment Retailers Association says the figures shouldn't include the cost of the consoles.

"There is no doubt that the games sector is having a fantastic year," said a spokesman. "But these figures overstate that by including games hardware.

"Our prediction is that games will overtake video by the end of this year, but not music and video combined."