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Last Updated: Monday November 03 2008 07:59 GMT

Who said what about Lewis's triumph?

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is the youngest Formula One champion ever, after winning the world title on the final bend of the final race of the season.

For most of the race Hamilton appeared to be in control, but when the last lap started he lost a place and was set to finish as runner-up to rival Felipe Massa.

But with seconds remaining Hamilton overtook Timo Glock to move up into the fifth place he needed to take the world title.

So what have people been saying about the Lewis's triumph?

Lewis Hamilton

"I was shouting, 'Did I win? Did I win?'

"Then they told me when I was on the corner and I was ecstatic. It's a dream."

Title rival Felipe Massa

"I think it was the most incredible race I ever saw in my life. So many things happened. It was a crazy race.

"Unfortunately we missed by one point, but that's racing. We need to be proud. The race was just perfect, we did everything just fantastically."

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

"I, like so many, want to congratulate him on becoming world champion. I think the whole country is thrilled by his exceptional talent.

"The whole of Britain is now congratulating him, and is proud of the inspirational achievement of Lewis and the McLaren team. "

Lewis's dad Anthony

"To be honest, I thought it was over. I thought it was gone. When he did cross the line I didn't know he had won it. I had to go by what everyone else was doing.

"They were jumping up and down, and so I assumed we must have got something. But they were absolutely the worst few minutes of my life. For a number of laps I turned away. I couldn't watch.

"But I believed in God. I believed that right would come through - now, where's Timo? I want to give him a kiss."

Lewis's brother Nicholas

"We were praying for it not to rain, but it did, and I thought 'It's not going to happen.'

"When I saw Vettel go past Lewis, at that stage I was just about to cry, but then I knew Glock was on slicks.

Nicole Scherzinger and Nick Hamilton
Lewis' girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls and his brother Nick celebrate

"I thought we then had a chance, and I'm just so glad it happened. We will now party, and then we will calm down and focus on next year."

Lewis's girlfriend Nicole

"He is a fantastic driver. But it was so tough late on. I almost did collapse in the garage.

"I couldn't calm down, nor could Nicholas. We just both kept screaming at each other. I can only thank God for that moment when Lewis crossed the line as champion."

Lewis's boss Ron Dennis

"It was heart-stopping stuff. I don't think there has been a more exciting world championship as regards the outcome. It just worked great."