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Last Updated: Monday November 03 2008 07:34 GMT

One day until US voting begins

Barack Obama and John McCain

There is just one day left until voting starts in the American elections, and the two candidates are racing around the country to try to win more votes.

Both John McCain and Barack Obama are visiting loads of different places as they fight to become president.

McCain is going to speak in seven different states in a single day, while Obama is travelling to three.

It's expected that the winner will be named the 44th American president early on Wednesday morning in the UK.

At the moment experts say Obama is in the lead, but there is still plenty of time for things to change.

Adam in Chicago

So both Republican candidate McCain and Democrat Obama are campaigning to encourage as many people as possible to get out and vote.

Winning an American election isn't just about getting the most votes though, it's more important to make sure you win them in the right places.

Every one of the 50 states in America is given a value depending on how many people live in it. That value gets bigger the more people live there.

That value is turned into something called electors, so a big state like Calfornia has 55 electors.

Megan from Arizona
If a candidate wins a state they take all the electors from it. The first one to claim more 270 electors wins the election and becomes president.

Battleground states

In many of the states one candidate is already expected to win many more votes than the other, but in a lot of them no-one knows who will win.

These are often called battleground states, and it's in these places that Obama and McCain are campaigning desperately.