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Last Updated: Thursday November 06 2008 11:04 GMT

What do you think of Lewis Hamilton's win?

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has become the youngest ever Formula One world champion.

He snatched victory from defeat on the final lap of the final race of the season in Brazil.

Hamilton just pipped title rival Felipe Massa to the title with a crucial overtaking manoeuvre on the final lap.

So what did you think of the race? Were you bouncing round the room with excitement, or convinced Lewis Hamilton had lost?

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Your comments

"Fantastic! Well done, Hamilton; our country is very proud."

Grace, 9, London, England

"I think Lewis deserved to win. He is officially a sporting legend!!! Gooooooo Lewis!!!"

Rebecca, 11, Manchester, England

"Lewis Hamilton did not deserve to win the championship. I think Felipe Massa is a much better driver."

James, 7, Warwick, England

"Hamilton is a complete legend, and he is going to win the world championship next year, I just know it!"

Bradley, 10, County Down, Northern Ireland

"Felipe should've won! I met him last year and he's such a nice guy. Lewis is really arrogant. I am half Brazilian so I'm really angry. Oh well, next year will be Felipe's year!"

Esa, 11, Bath, England

"Fantastic day for Lewis and his family. Well done; you deserve it. I'm so happy you're the champion. Goooooo Lewis."

Robyn, 12, West Sussex, England

"I think it is just brilliant."

Amy, 12, Peterborough, England

"It was really good because I thought he had lost."

Matthew, 10, Devon, England

"I think he is fantastic and I want to be a racer like him and I think his win was amazing."

Lee, 12, Shetland, Scotland

"I am a big fan of motor racing and I am glad that Lewis won. He had an excellent run."

Jack, 10, Middlesbrough, England

"He's not so ace - if he was he wouldn't have left it to the final lap!!"

Jora, 10, Wolverhampton, England

"I think it was awesome when he was on his last lap on his final two corners and he won for his country."

Ashlie, 12, Leeds, England

"I think he deserved it. He did so well to overtake on that last corner!"

Kim, 12, England

"He is an excellent driver and deserved the championship more than Massa. Lewis was just great."

Tay, 11, Watford, England

"Hamilton is at the right place at the right time, there's no stopping him!"

Tomos, 12, Mold, Wales

"My dad loves Lewis Hamilton. I wasn't so interested in the race, but when I saw he had won I was ecstatic!"

Alice, 11, Northants, England

"I was sitting in my living room thinking 'he's blown it big time'! But when he dived into 5th place I was like 'yasssssssssssss'! Well done Hamilton!"

Erin, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"I love the fact that we have got a World Champion in Great Britain. I am so proud of Lewis for what he has achieved!!!!"

Ruth, 12, Dungannon, Northern Ireland

"Wow! An ending Senna would have been proud of. Way to go Lewis!"

Alison, 13, Liverpool, England

"I'm proud to be British after Lewis Hamilton's performance on Sunday, that just shows how talented Britain is."

Jack, 12, Marlow, England

"Hamilton should not have won. Ferrari are much better and make better cars. Lewis Hamilton won't be champion for long. Massa will win next year!!!"

Sean, 12, Renfrew, Scotland

"His win was really cool and really tense. It's good to have a English WORLD CHAMPION!!!"

Sian, 11, Lincolnshire, England

"The final lap was incredible! I was biting my nails down to my knuckles!"

Cam, 13, London, England

"I think it's good for him because he's young and he will be able to win a lot more in the future."

Charlie, 10, Wrexham, North Wales

"Lewis Hamilton went to my school and we are all so proud of him!"

Charlotte, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"Lewis Hamilton is definitely the best driver, even though he did not get off to a brilliant start. Well done to Lewis, but also to Massa."

Adam, 10, Orpington, England

"Bah, I wanted Massa to win. Hamilton is big-headed and the media love him. That's why I wanted Massa to win."

Ben, 13, Derbyshire, England

"Very tense race. Hamilton you had all the British F1 fans in agony on the last lap! Well done!! We all knew you could do it. I was nearly in tears watching Vettel pass you! Good luck next season and I can't wait to see you race at Silverstone in 2009!"

Charlotte, 12, Holyhead, Wales

"I think it's good Lewis has won. He is the best in the world and deserved to win. It proves England are good and can win something."

Ellie, 12, Worsley, England

"The final lap!!! Lewis is an ace driver!!!"

Anna, 11, Lancaster

"Lewis Hamilton has an extraordinary talent. He deserved to win and well done to him. =D "

Nicole, 12, London, England

"I think that Lewis didn't deserve to win and that it should be decided on pit stops."

Ed, 13, Buckinghamshire, England

"He was AMAZING!! At the end everyone thought that it was over, but instead he made a massive turn around. What a day for him and all his fans, and that includes me!"

Rhianna, 13, London, England

"I think that Lewis is really lucky to have been as successful as he is today."

Sophia, 12, Bristol, England

"I think Lewis Hamilton is great. He is a really good driver. He also deserves the title of world champion because he has worked hard!"

Jessica, 12, Plymouth, England

"Wooh! It was really tense. I was full of tears when Vettel overtook him. It would have been Britain's worst week in sport."

Yusuf, 12, London, England

"I knew that he could do it. Me and my dad were watching it together and when Lewis got into 6th place we were both so quiet and we thought he'd lost it. But then Glock slowed down and the next thing we knew, he'd won."

Sadiya, 13, Bradford, England

"I'm so pleased he won! Our family was watching it and we were sitting there clutching our heads, and when he came over the line we thought it was all over but then we saw it on the screen we screamed and jumped up and down. Congratulations Lewis!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Harriet, 11, Poole, England

"I think Lewis deserved to win because he has been great all season. Well done Lewis!!!!"

Daniel, 9, Cullompton, England

"I think he's done so well! He really deserved to win and he didn't show off about it! When he won, I screamed and jumped off the sofa! It just shows all the people that were saying bad things about him, that he's a brilliant driver. I am sooooooo happy that England has got such a great young talent and I feel really proud to be British!!!"

Jessica, 10, Morecambe, England

"I knew he would win! He is the best!"

Hannah, 11, Yeovil, England

"Hamilton is the best; he can beat anyone who wants to race against him."

Harry, 13, Kingston, England

"I think this is a very special moment for British racing and for Lewis Hamilton."

Sharav, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Well done Lewis Hamilton! He deserves it. And he is the youngest world champion!"

Jack, 13, Bristol, England

"Lewis did great yesterday. But I support Fernando Alonso. Massa was so close to winning the championship. It was a nail biting race!"

Sarah, 11, Northampton, England

"I think it is amazing that England has young talent like Lewis Hamilton."

Michael, Loughborough, England

"I think Lewis Hamilton has the potential to become the greatest F1 driver of all time."

Tiernan, 10, Congo

"I think Lewis Hamilton deserved to win!"

Joseph, 11, Northamptonshire, England

"Well done Lewis, you are so great and talented. Nobody can ever take this away from you. I was in tears."

Elaine, 12, Surrey, England

"I think he is lucky to get the championship, but he deserves it."

Sam, 11, Dorset, England

"I thought he'd lost it. I was upset but then I heard everyone screaming and then I started screaming as well. I couldn't believe it."

William, 12, Northampton, England

"He was amazing. I was watching it and I had popcorn in a bowl at the end - guess what? I spilt it all on everyone! I was so happy for him."

Ruby, 10, Croydon, England

"Lewis - I am your BIGGEST fan. I'm so happy you're the champion, you're a lot better then Massa. Congrats xx"

Michael, 14, Kent, England

"Well Done to Lewis!!! He did well to keep his position from the pressure until the last lap but he never gave up, showing the true British spirit. Can't wait to see what happens in the future. Lewis deserved it 100%. Wish I was at the celebrations anyway WELL DONE LEWIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jack, 14, Kent, England

"I'm very pleased that Lewis won the championship. I also do kart racing, and reckon I'm currently the best on the island at my age level. One day I will be driving for Ferrari and show that I'm better than Lewis."

Jacon, 7, Montego Bay, Jamaica

"I think he deserved it. He's cute. I was watching it with my dad and he was shouting and then when Hamilton won the world champion my dad slid down the sofa and said he was exhausted. I was really glad though. It was really close because if Glock hadn't lost it then Hamilton wouldn't be in the position he was in today . "

Charlotte, 13, Melton Mowbray, England

"BRILLIANT!!! He could not have done better. Max Mosley and the FIA should have learnt their lesson now... "

James, 12, Inverness, Scotland

"In my eyes he is not a champion. Fellipe Massa deserved the title and we all know it. Still congrats to Hamilton, as lucky as he is."

Jonny, 12, Biggar, Scotland

"Lewis was great - congratulations to him! I feel a bit sorry for Felipe Massa though, he was very close. They all did very well :-)"

Lauren, 13, UK

"We had guests downstairs while me and my brothers were watching the race upstairs. When he won we were all screaming our heads off, then we all got in trouble from my mum!!!"

Bushra, 9, London, England

"I'm so not happy about Hamilton winning and beating Alonso to youngest ever champion. I thought Hamilton had lost:):) and then Glock got overtook:(:(:( Massa soo deserved it cuz Hamilton looks really smug and we'll never hear the last of it:(:(:("

Kirstie, 10, UK

"He really deserved it but poor Felipe Massa because they told him he had the world championship then he didn't!"

Anna, 12, Thetford, England

"I think that he deserved it! So did Felipe Massa...but Lewis has been working soo hard...and his dad was always there for him. So his dad deserved for his son 2 win as well!!"

Jackie, 12, Camden, England

"Well done Lewis, you didn't do anything rash. But give credit where it's due to Massa. He drove like a champion but I would still laugh if I watched the Ferrari crew and Massa's celebrations and then being cut short. WELL DONE LEWIS HAMILTON!!!!!"

Rhys, 12, Wales

"That was too close! Bad luck Massa, but the best driver won it in the end!"

Declan, 14, Diss, England

"Lewis finally drove like a mature adult and pulled it out of the bag at exactly the right moment. Credit is due to Felipe Massa who deserved the title just as much."

Maddie, UK

"I think it's great that Lewis has won, but the reporters should leave him and his family alone to celebrate!"

Emily, 11, Newcastle, England

"I am over the moon with the result. I thought he was gonna be second in the championship. I screamed my head off when he became champion. Congrats to Lewis Hamilton!! He is da best F1 driver in da world"

Amy, 12, Merseyside, England

"Hamilton deserved to win!!!"

Nicole, 10, Croydon, England

The comments below were sent in before the Brazilian Grand Prix started.

"I love watching F1 racing! I hope Lewis wins, he's the best! Anyway, just because Massa's from Brazil he's not the only one who's got support! We are all behind him. Go LEWIS!

Ellie, 9, Manchester, England

"I'm really excited about the race because Lewis Hamilton is my hero and he is really cool - go for it Lewis!"

Thomas, 7, Barnstaple, England

"I'm not really into F1 but everybody's raving about it so go Lewis Hamilton!"

Thoma, 11, Holywell, Wales

"I think Lewis Hamilton is going to win because he is a great. Go Lewis."

Michael, 12, Essex, UK

Good luck Lewis, keep your head on and don't let any one get in your way."

Gemma, 13, Norwich, England

"I love watching Formula One and Lewis Hamilton is my hero. i'm sure He'll win."

Anna, 14, Preston, England

"I am but Formula One isn't really my thing as I love football more than F1. Sorry Lewis, I reckon Massa will clinch it, although I don't know who will win."

Fab, 15, Crawley, England

"I don't really mind if he wins or not, but my dad is crazy about Lewis Hamilton!"

Gabriela, 10, Oxford, England

"I don't really watch car racing but you have to back the English - COME ON LEWIS HAMILTON!!!"

Milly, 12, Manchester, England

"I'm not really because F1 isn't really my fave thing! But GO LEWIS HAMILTON!"

Ella, 12, Devon, England

"I don't follow racing at all - it just isn't my kind of thing, but I'd like to wish Lewis Hamilton good luck, because he really does deserve to win, from what I've heard."

Olivia, 12, Bury, England

"With strength and style he can pull it off! Good Luck!"

David, 12, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"A bit but I like football better than Formula One."

James, 10, Macclesfield, England